July Playlist

As I have not posted a playlist for a while I felt that it was about time to post another one. So here are some of the songs that I have been listening to recently.

1. King For A Day – Green Day – Nimrod, 1997

This song was released in 1997 and Green Day are well known for playing this at most of their concerts however they normally will mix it with at least one song, which is usually “Shout” by Lulu they also sometimes include songs such as “Always Look On The Brightside Of Life”, “Teenage Kicks” and “Hey Jude”. After watching the band perform the song at Hyde Park I wanted to listen to it more and recently has become one of my most played songs. One thing about when the band play the song live is that fact that the audience always knows that it is going to be played as Billie will put a crown on.

2. Lose It –  SWMRS – Drive North, 2016

This song is my favourite song from the SWMRS album, I like how it starts slowly and then speeds up throughout the song, I also like how it gets more upbeat throughout. It is not one of the bands most popular songs but I find it very enjoyable to listen to and I think it is a song that people should listen to if they like the band.

3. If You Wanna – The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, 2011 

This song is the third song off of the band’s album and I remember listening to it when I was younger in the car and that is why I still enjoy it.  Even though the song was released as a single it did not chart very high in the UK even though it was used in several adverts. I like this song as I feel it is very lively and an enjoyable song to listen to at this time of year.

4. Bless This Acid House – Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud, 2017

I have been listening to this song a lot as it is a new release from Kasabian’s new album and therefore has been played a lot on the radio, I have been listening to a lot of Kasabian recently as I will be going to see them in August and am very excited. This is one of my favourite songs off of their new album.

5. Don’t Matter Now – George Ezra – 2017

This is George Ezra’s Most recently released single which means that a lot of people are assuming that he will soon be releasing a new album. This is the first single he has released since “Wanted On Voyage” came out in 2015. I find that I always seem to enjoy the happy feeling that George Ezra’s songs give off and I find them extremely enjoyable to listen to. George played this song at several UK festivals this year and it was received very well.

6. Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore – brand new eyes, 2009 

Brick By Boring Brick was the second single off of “brand new eyes”. I really have liked listening to Paramore recently and have found that I prefer a lot of their older albums to their newer ones, particularly “brand new eyes”, this song, in particular, is one that I have listened to a lot. The video for the song was nominated for a Kerrang Award for best video and also reached number 2 on the US Rock Chart.

7. Heart And Soul – Twin Atlantic – The Great Divide, 2014

I have only recently started listening to Twin Atlantic and out of all of the songs that I have listened to by them I have to say that I have enjoyed this one the most. I have found that recently I have been listening to a lot more lively music, I tend to do this in the summer as it is nicer to listen to this type of music when the sun is out. This song was an experimental song with lots of different layers that was released as the first single on “The Great Divide”.

8. Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines – The Libertines, 2004

This song was released over 10 years ago now but I still find it very enjoyable to listen to. The song was nominated for an NME Best Track Award and also managed to reach Number 2 in the UK singles chart, the song has been featured in man y compilation albums over the past years since it has been released. I have gone backwards and forwards from listening to this song for quite some time but when I do listen to it I thoroughly enjoy it.

9. Feeling This – blink-182 – blink-182, 2003 

In some ways, this song is different to other Blink songs as it has many parts that are spoken throughout instead of just music and singing. When I went to see Blink in Nottingham this is the first song that they played when they came on stage and for some reason, I realised that I had not heard it for a while which shocked me as it used to be one of my favourite blink songs. The song was first played by the band at Reading And Leeds Festival in 2003.

10. Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer – Sixpence None The Richer, 1997 

This is the original version of the song that was released on 1997 however in the past it has been covered by many bands, the first time I heard this song was not this version but instead was the version by New Found Glory, after listening to that I went and found the original version and found that I enjoyed that just as much. The song managed to reach number 4 in the UK singles chart.

Thanks for reading, Annie.

A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (A-C)

As there is a lot of punk and pop punk bands, and a lot of information about those bands, this list will be in several parts, starting with this one which will be A-C.

A= All Time Low

Members: Alex Gaskarth, Rian Dawson, Jack Barakat and Zack Merrick

Formed: Baltimore, United States in 2003

All Time Low started out as a high school cover band covering songs from bands like blink-182 and progressed from there. Whilst they were at school they made time for touring in school breaks and managed to travel round large parts of america in those breaks.In 2004 the band released a 4 song EP entitled “The Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End” with help from a local record label, they then went on to release “The Party Scene” their first full album a year later. After graduating the band released a 7 song EP entitled “Put Up And Shut Up” this was mainly a re-recorded version of songs which they had already released, in this summer as well they also attended many warped tour dates and then joined the band Amber Pacific on tour, this gained them popularity, that would probably be important in years to come. In 2007 the band released their first full album for their new record label hopeless entitled “So Wrong It’s Right” and in 2008 won the Alternative Press Award for band of the year. In 2009 the band released the album “Nothing Personal” which debuted at number 4 and helped to make the band  one of the top emo-pop bands of the time.During the next few years the band switched record labels a few times and ended up signing back with hopeless. In 2012 the band released another album called “Don’t Panic” and a year later they recorded 4 extra acoustic songs to add to the album and then called it “Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now”. In 2015 the band joined with their ex-producer to produce the album future hearts. The band are currently expected to release a new album at some point this year, however after the recent single release no one quite knows what to expect from it.


B= Blink-182

Members: Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba

Formed: San Diego, United States in 1992

The band were formed in 1992 and seemed to be part of the skate-punk and cheerful culture that was popular at the time, however if you started to take a closer look at their songs they were more like hooking rock songs with meaningful lyrics often about breakups and loneliness.Tom De Long met Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor and formed blink, this is what the band was originally called before adding the 182 when an irish band with the same name threatened a lawsuit. As the band started to grow they started to develop a young following by creating indie records and touring popular festivals. The band really started to grow however in the late 90’s when they toured with NOFX and also appeared at warped tour, this gained them major record label attention especially after the release of their song “Dammit”. Not long after this the band fired Scott Raynor and hired there now drummer Travis Barker, after this they signed to record label MCA and released the album “Enema Of The State” which then went triple platinum and sparked a couple of their most famous hits “All The Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again” after this Blink were everywhere from radio to MTV and they even made a cameo appearance in American Pie. The next album that they created was not as popular but was a live album that was released in 2000 entitled “The Mark, Tom And Travis Show”,  a year later they released the punk rock album “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” which topped the album charts. In 2003 they released a self-titled album full of stormy atmospheric music that sparked more of their most famous hits such as “I Miss You”, “Always”, “Feeling This” and “Down”. Only two years after this the band released a greatest hits album and shortly after this split and went off to form their own bands. In 2009 the band reformed to release the album “Neighbourhoods” as well as parting ways with their label and independently release the album.Not long after this Tom parted ways with the band because of other commitments (His band Angels and Airwaves) however to this day it is not confirmed if it was by choice or force. Recently Matt Skiba has joined the band and they have released their most recent album “California”.


C= The Clash

Members: Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon

Formed: London,United Kingdom in 1976

The music that the clash created was as a rebellion, they created music about things such as anti-Thatcherism and racial unity as these where subjects that they felt strongly about.The band liked to experiment with different types of music whether that was funk, reggae or rap however no matter what they experimented with or what they created their music was never far from a three minute pop song. They were one of the bands that proved that punk was not just a flash in the pan. The band’s first gig was as an unannounced quintet opening for the sex pistols. the band were managed by Malcolm McLaren who helped them to showcase their political opinion. The clash were basically a band of protesters singing about police brutality and disenfranchisement. In 1977 The clash signed to CBS for £200,000 and released their debut in the spring of that year, which reached number 12. During one of there tours in london the show had to end as the fans were pulling the seats out of the floor, after this the band were arrested for possession of firearms. In 1978 the band fired their manager only to rehire him a year later. In 1980 the clash created a film/documentary that was a fictional fan story based around the clash, the film used real clash footage but based the story around a made up character.London calling was one of the band’s most famous songs and was called an artistic and commercial triumph.In 1981 Headon left the band due to drug use, not long after that Jones was kicked out and replaced by Vince White and Nick Sheppard, the band started to fall apart after they broke out into America, not long after the members had left it was decided they were not there old self and music was not the same so they decided to call it quits.

I hope that you enjoyed reading, I will be back soon Annie.