Hyde Park, London- Green Day And Special Guests

On the 1st of July, I went to see Green Day in Hyde Park, this was a last-minute decision as we found out the day before that we had been lucky enough to get guest listed for the event. We left the at around 7:30 in the morning and travelled to London. Once arriving in London, we got a bus to Hyde park where we had to queue up to collect our tickets. After collecting our tickets, we went to queue up the entrance where we found that the queue was extremely long and thought that it would take forever to get through however once it started moving, even with all the security checks it did not take very long to get through. Once inside the venue/ area where the event was to take place we went to collect our wristbands that would let us into the guest area.

The first thing that we did was go and explore the festival area, inside we found lots of things including food stalls, fairground rides, things to try and there was also a special area for Barclaycard customers an area where you could go if you had a Barclaycard and inside was a play area with many things to do and take part in.

The music started around one and we went to watch Jesse Malin they were a lively band that had enjoyable and catchy music that everyone wanted to dance to. I found them very enjoyable and easy to watch and I feel that they were a good band to be on first on any stage not just a smaller stage in the background. Stiff Little Fingers started at around two and once Jesse Malin had finished this was who we went to watch, at this time many people were sitting down and watching bands instead of getting up and dancing, we went up to the railings originally to watch the band but I soon found that because I am quite small I could not see very well so we had to move back so that I could see better, as there was large screens all over the park this meant that I could see what was going on quite easily in most places.

SWMRS were the next band on the Barclaycard stage, I had seen this band before so I was very excited about seeing them as I had enjoyed watching them many times before. As I know lots of the bands songs I found them very enjoyable to watch as I could sing and dance along to their songs, at point during the bands set I was able to sit on people I knew shoulders so   that I could see over everyone and see the stage easily, one of the things that I enjoyed most about this set was the fact that as it was not the main stage you were never too far away from the front of the stage. I feel that this band perform well live meaning that I could thoroughly enjoy the show. During this bands set a lot of the audience were singing along to the songs making the show even more enjoyable.

The Hives were next to perform on the main stage, I had not heard music from this band before but I had heard a lot about them and I knew that a lot of people enjoyed their music. They were a lively and cheerful band, they had a theme of black and white, the backdrop to their show was a picture in black and white, they also wore black and white suits that were opposite to each other for example one half of the legs were white the other black and then the jacket was the opposite way around. I found The Hives show fun to watch and I felt like the band had a very large stage presence. After the Hives performance, we visited the guest area for the first time and had some dinner (The Best Macaroni Cheese I Have Ever Tasted), inside there was food stalls, a seating area and some bean bags. Whilst having dinner we did not realise that we had unfortunately missed Gogol Bordello but after sitting down for about an hour we were more than ready for Rancid and Green Day.

Rancid were on stage first as they were the band that have been supporting Green Day for the length of their current tour, the band play ska punk music but it is edging more towards the punk side than the ska side. Rancid have also recently released a new album so they played quite a few songs from that along with a lot of there more popular songs, there music was extremely enjoyable and got everyone very hyped up and ready for Green Day.

Once Rancid had finished it was getting towards the time that everyone had been waiting for, the area that people were standing in started to fill up rapidly and so therefore got very hot, about half an hour before Green Day came on the security guards were passing around water as it was very hot. Finally, it got to the point that everyone had been waiting for and “Bohemian Rhapsody” started to play, everyone sang along to all the words and we all knew that this meant that they would be coming on soon. Next up was “Blitzkrieg Bop” and running on came a person dressed up as pink bunny rabbit who got the crowd cheering and ready. Then the moment everyone had been waiting for, Green Day burst onto the stage with “Know Your Enemy” and everyone was singing along and jumping around at this point I decided that it would be a good idea to move back as I was very small so I was getting shoved around a lot and nearly fell over many times, once further back I decided that it was a better place to stand anyway as it meant that I could actually see the stage, towards the end of know your enemy Billie invited someone on stage to sing with him. This was then followed by two songs from the bands most recent album “Revolution Radio” and “Bang, Bang” this excited everyone in the crowd. Next up was “Holiday” at this point a very kind man who I still do not know the name of let me sit on his shoulders so that I could see easily and see over everyone’s head, he let me stay up there for quite a few songs and I am very thankful to him for this. The band then played more songs new and old before playing “Longview where they again invited a member of the crowd onstage to sing. There was a very lively atmosphere throughout the show, in around the middle of the show the band performed a cover of “Knowledge” by Operation Ivy and at this point they invited a member of the audience to play the guitar on stage with them, unfortunately the first person that they invited on stage was unable to perform the song, however she was allowed to play the tambourine with Tre at the back, the next person invited up was able to play the song and therefore at the end she was allowed to keep the guitar. Something that Green Day are known for doing is when they perform “King for A Day” they mix it with other songs on this day it seemed to be quite a few familiar songs, in fact they mixed it with 5 other songs these where “Shout”, “Always Look On The Brightside”, “Teenage Kicks”, “satisfaction” and “Hey Jude” all of these songs are quite popular so everyone k new the words. The band finished their main set with the song “Forever Now” however then went on to do two encores. The first encore they performed “American Idiot” and “Jesus OF Suburbia” which also included about a minute of Billie standing as if he was on a cross. The second encore was slowed down and acoustic and included an acoustic version of “21 Guns” which I extremely enjoyed. The band finished the show with “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” and then all members came back on stage to take one final bow and confetti was blown everywhere.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best concerts that I have been to in my life and I would go to something like this again.

Thanks for reading, Annie.

Pretty Babs – Graffiti Lights Review

Pretty Babs are a small rock band from villages around Nottinghamshire, it features Sam Jones as Vocalist and Guitarist, Liam Bainbridge as Bassist and Brad Drury as drummer. The band has recently launched there new album Graffiti Lights at a very successful launch event. I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the album with you.

Fade So Low- This song has a very catchy and familiar kind of start to it the sort that you would easily remember and be able to identify if you were to here it several times, the song also has a quite long intro to it which I think builds up the feel of the song. When the vocals for the song do come in they are very deep and scratchy and fit very well with the overall tone of the song. There is a point within the song where the words and being sung to the same beat as the song I like this as it makes it stand out to the rest of the song. Towards the end of the song the music gets louder and more exciting before slowly fading out at the end of the song.

I Wouldn’t Rule It Out- This song is paced very well with the lyrics, every word seems to be with a word of the song making it fit together really well. The song seems to go back and forth between a slow beat and a fast beat, this keeps you listening as you never know when it is going to change, the song the finally slows right down before fastening up again at the end of then song with the singer repeating the title of the song several times.

Down in the Alley- The song starts with the singer talking before even the music starts and then the music is played over the talking before the song starts fully. There is a part of the song where it starts to go faster and you expect this to be where the chorus is however the song then slows down again before getting faster another time and then the chorus happens this confuses you but also makes the song more interesting as it is not what you expect.  The song also has very catchy lyrics that are easy to pick up.

Buttons and Pennies- This tune is very lively and is almost a slightly different style to what the rest of the album has been so far in fact this song is almost what I would class as punk rock instead of just rock. the chorus is even more fast paced than the rest of the song this makes it extremely enjoyable to listen to , the song then slows down after the first chorus and becomes quite calming before changing back to how it was originally. The end of the song starts to fade before ending very abruptly.

Michaela- This song is an acoustic song with a slower and very steady beat, this is quite different to the rest of the songs on the album so far as it is a lot more calming and chilled out. Even though the song is slow and acoustic it is a very positive feeling song with positive lyrics and feels very uplifting. The ending to the song is gradual and uses a lot of repeating phrases.

Cold Lake Shore- The song starts with just the drums playing and is very upbeat and is a very lively song in general, the song has a build up to the chorus, making you expect it and get excited for it. The song has lots of parts that repeat themselves this makes it easily recognisable and stick in your head.There is a pause before the chorus that makes you want to hear it even more and look forward to it.

Up from the Floorboards- The song has a very fast paced beginning but as soon as the singing starts it slows down considerably so that it can be heard easily, the song has some very scratchy sounds from guitar to vocals. Once you get to the chorus the song returns to the speed that it was originally so is very fast paced and at times not always easy to understand what they are saying. The song gives off vibes that make you excited and enthusiastic.

Red Brick Town- This song reminds me very much of a rock song that you would hear on the radio, it is a lively song but is not to fast paced that you can’t understand what is going on. I find the chorus to this song interesting as it takes different speeds at different parts and is always changing so I find that very interesting to listen to. The song has a very abrupt ending that you do not expect.

Don’t Step on the Moor- The main part of this song is the strong vocals that can be heard throughout the song however there are many parts with guitar and drum solos, this song shocked me slightly as it had been going a while and i was pretty sure that it had finished however about 10 seconds later it continued and then finished which was not what I had expected.

The Storm- This song is also acoustic and is very slow and calming, this song also feels like it has a very deep meaning unlike some of the others, I also feel that this song is more about the words that are being said instead of the music that is being played in the background even though both are clearly important. I feel that the music fits with the theme of the song and the meaning and music gets stronger the further in you get to the song.

Album Art- The album art has a monochrome theme with slight bits of colour in places as if they are reflecting off a piece of glass or something similar, the cover also looks as it has been drawn instead of generated on a computer this gives the album a more personal feel but also fits with the theme and the title “Graffiti Lights”. I like the font as it is uneven and I like the way that there are no holes in the letters. The  back of the album is very similar to the front.

I very much enjoyed the album and feel that it had similar vibes to bands like Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams, the album has lots of guitar solos and many of the songs are very lively and enjoyable. If you would like to listen to the album and the band on spotify.

The Black Market, Market Warsop- Stars Bothering On Sunday

Yesterday (Sunday 11th Of June) I went to Market Warsop to watch a music event .   When we got to the venue it was small and decorated with CD covers and vinyl record covers. The event was performed acoustically by all the acts.

The first band on was the Star Wars Brothers however I did not manage to see them. 

The first act that I saw was The Hugo Steady band, they were a local band from the village that the venue was in, so they knew most of the people there and most of the audience already knew of their music. The band played mostly country/folk style music that they had written themselves for the band, the song that I enjoyed the most was called “When Dave Dies” and was about the bassist in the band, I liked this song as it was catchy and energetic so I found it extremely enjoyable, the band managed to give a really lively and exciting feel to the event.

The next act was Ellis Waring his music was also kinda folk like but also had a more rocky feel to it, I felt that at some points during his performance I could not understand what he was saying in the song as it was slightly to fast paced however the tune was enjoyable and so was everything else that I heard. Through his act Ellis had a running joke about the songs he had written and the fact that he did not know what they were called , he performed quite a few songs and had a very happy manner on stage making the audience that were watching him happy.

Next up was The Shrives this is a band that I have watched before this time however they were performing acoustic, something that I hadn’t experienced before, the band played all of the songs that they would normally play but with an acoustic twist, this act was slightly more calm and chilled out than the rest of the acts had been but I thoroughly enjoyed there performance. The band also did an acoustic cover of “Heart Of Glass” by Blondie this was also enjoyable and a good song for people to sing along to.

The event was fun and everyone seemed to have a good evening.

Thanks for reading, Annie