A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (M-O)

Continuing on from previous posts, here is part five of the A-Z of Punk and Pop Punk

M= Mayday Parade 

Mayday Parade

Members:  Jason Lancaster, Derek Sanders, Brooks Betts, Jake Bundrick, Jeremy Lenzo and Alex Garcia

Formed: Tallahassee, USA in 2005

Mayday Parade is a band that emerged of two popular local bands, this helped them to create a buzz around the band when they started to create music together. In 2005 the band started to play gigs including an appearance at Warped tour, after this being a successful opportunity for them they were signed by Fearless Records in 2006 and released their debut EP “Tales Told By Dead Friends”. After the release of this album 3 months later in the March of 2007. In 2009 the band signed with Atlantic Records and issued the first album without Lancaster entitled “Anywhere But Here”. In 2011 the band’s third LP peaked at number 12. In 2013 the band released the album “Monster In The Closet” and then a deluxe version a year later. The band’s latest album was released in 2015 and was called “Black Lines”.

N=New Found Glory

New Found Glory

Members: Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, Cyrus Bolooki, Chad Gilbert and Steve Klien

Formed: Coral Springs, USA in 1997

Not long after forming the band quickly gained a cult following enabling them to rise to the upper tier of Pop-Punk music with many similar bands that were around at the time. After releasing their first EP “It’s All About The Girls” they managed to sell out of all copies that were made at the time. The following year the band released a full album on Drive-Thru Records entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay” which was then reissued later that year when they signed with MCA. The band also released an EP entitled “From The Screen To Your Stereo” which involved the band covering many songs from different movies. Later that year the band toured with blink-182 and also performed at Warped Tour, to increase their exposure they also appeared in the film American Pie 2. In 2001 the band recorded a follow-up record which was later released in 2002, the album was entitled “Sticks And Stones” and the lead single “My Friends Over You” propelled the album, after the success of this album the band managed to grab a headlining spot at Warped Tour in 2002, the album asl managed to climb to gold certification. After touring for the sticks and stones album, the band re-entered the studio to create the album “Catalyst” which after its release in 2004 peaked at number 3 on the album charts. a year later a concert video of the tour for this album was released on DVD. In 2008 the band released a more mature album entitled “Coming Home” with the help from Thom Panunzio which was followed by a large worldwide tour. In 2007 the band released the second edition of “From Screen To Your Stereo”, after this the band worked with Mark Hoppus and Epitaph Records to produce “Not Without A Fight” In 2013 a live album was released of some of the bands songs, they also parted ways with Klien as he was accused of multiple crinal offences. In 2014 the band released “Ressurection” with what seems like a sense of purpose and then this was followed in 2015 by “Ressurection: Ascension” which had two new tracks and also “Vicious” a song which featured Paramore’s, Hayley Williams. In 2017 the band released their 9th album “Makes Me Sick” which was followed by a worldwide tour.

O= The Offspring


Members: Dexter Holland, Greg Kriesel, Noodles, Peter Parada, Ron Welty, Doug Thompson, James Lilja, Atom Willard, Chris Higgins and Marcus Parrish.

Formed: Orange County, USA in 1984

The band was formed in 1984 after being inspired by social distortion. In 1985 Noodles joins the band and they begin to practice in their parent’s house where they managed to land their first two gigs which were in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The band was originally called “Manic Subsidal” and in 1986 they produced and created their first vinyl single which they released on their own “Black Label” and glued the covers together by themselves inside Kriesel’s house. After thisRon Welty became the fourth member of the band. In 1989 the band sign to Nemesis with punk producer Thom Wilson and released their debut album where they sold over 3000 copies. In 1991 the band released a 7″ EP entitled “Baghdad” and recorded “Take It Like A Man” for a magazine compilation. In 1992the band signed with Epitaph Records for their second album “Ignition”, the band had a record release party and the album managed to sell 1 million copies worldwide. In 1993-94 the band toured the US and also Europe whilst supporting NOFX. In 1994 the band released “Smash” which featured “Come Out And Play” and “Self-Esteem” the album was a phenomenon and sold more than 11  million copies worldwide whilst also reaching number 4 on the charts. In 1995 Dexter and Greg create Nitro Records and reissue their debut album on CD, a cover of the band’s song “Smash It Up” is also featured on Batman Forever. The Offspring sign with Columbia Records and released “Ixnay On The Hombre” which sells more than 3 million copies worldwide and many singles hit the high parts of the rock charts. An MP3 file of “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” was released by the band before the album was released in 1998, however, the album was still downloaded 20 million times once it was released. The band toured around the world in 1999 this included stops at Woodstock and also Reading And Leed, the band also made a cameo in Idle Hands playing a cover of a song by the Ramones. In 2000 the band received a cease order from Napster after they were found selling t-shirts with the company logo on it. The band’s next album “Conspiracy Of One” was downloaded with the chance to win 1 million pounds presented to you by the band themselves. In 2002 they played the LA premiere of Tony Hawks Boom Boom Huck Jam and also another benefit concert, in September, they opened the Kerrang Awards in London where they were given the award for “Classic Songwriter”. In 2003 the band released demos for their new album and Ron Welty left, however, he was later to be replaced by Josh Freese, before the release of the album the band joked that their album would be called “Chinese Democracy” as this is what Axel Rose had been saying that their new album would be called for many years, it was later reviled that the album would be called “Splinter”. The band filmed with Da Hui which was featured as extra content on there next CD. In 2004 the band p[erformed at many different places and recorded a music video for “(Can’t Get My) Head Around You”, after the release of the album the band toured the world traveling 161,682 miles and to 22 countries. In 2005 they started to work on new songs including a greatest hit album and a music video collection, they also headlined the closing night of BuzzCon gaming festival. In 2006 the band took a year off from touring and casually started to record demos, however, did not start to record the album until 2007. In 2008 they release the first single from the album for download and it reaches the top 10 they then tour with the album including a large amount of festival stops. in 2009 the band release “Kirsty, Are You Okay” as the third single from the album “Rise And Fall”. In 2010 the band return to Huntington Beach to record new music they also tour with 311 and attend Summer Sonic Festival in Japan.

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A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (J-L)

Continuing on from previous posts,  here is part four of the A-Z of Punk and Pop Punk.

J= Jimmy Eat World 

Members: Mitch Porter, Tom Linton, Zach Lind, Rick Burch and Jim Adkins

Formed: Mesa, United States in 1994

Jimmy Eat World attracted a large audience by blending Alternative Rock and Power Pop. In 1999 the bands influence widened and they released the album “Clarity” (Which is now a landmark album in the emo genre) this album made them major figures in commercial rock. There next album was entitled “Chase The Light” did not have the same effect on the audience but it still managed to remain above other similar albums at the time.Jim and Zach met in high school and in years to come managed to be introduced to Tom and Mitch. The name of the band formed when the two brothers used to argue a lot and Jimmy used to win, later on one of the brothers drew a picture of the other brother after one of there fights with a caption printed beneath it saying “Jimmy Eat World”.The band had many influences from early Def Leppard to Velvet Underground, they outfitted themselves as a punk rock band and performed in a few small shows in Phoenix Valley. In 1994 and 1995 they released several EP’s on Wooden Blue Records a record label from a nearby town. As the audience was steadily growing the record label Capitol Records responded by signing Jimmy Eat World in 1995 when most of the members where only 19. There major debut was “Static Prevails” in 1996. 3 years later the band transformed into the emo outfit that they are known for with “Clarity”, this was Adkins first role as lead singer and songwriter, after this the manager that had originally signed the band with Capitol parted company with the record label. Suddenly Key radio stations started to air songs “Lucky Denver Mint” after it was featured in the film “Never Been Kissed” which starred Drew Barrymore. The fan base for the band started to grow but there relationship with the record label started to worsen and eventually the label shelved there third LP which caused them to leave the label. As they started to attract a wider audience they responded with a tour through Europe. Later that year they released some unreleased B-Sides under the label Big Wheel Recreation, from the profits of this they scraped together to record “Bleed America” which they later renamed “Jimmy Eat World” after 9/11, the singles from this album did well however the one that did the best was their second single “The Middle”, this song landed them the spot on the pop/pop-punk map, the song also had heavy exposure on MTV meaning that they started to attract a younger crowd. A year after the album was released it was still in the charts and eventually the album went platinum. In 2004 the band where signed to Interscope and released there 5th album “Futures” in the October and it debuted at number 6, an EP was then made featuring all the songs that had been rejected from the “Futures” album. There next album was produced by Butch Vig and entitled “Chase This Light” after the album was released the band embarked on a ten year anniversary tour. “Invented” was the first album that had been produced by the bands original producer for a long time. In 2013 they released the album “Damage” which was closely followed by the ten year anniversary of “Futures” tour. The most recent album that the band released was in late 2016 and was entitled “Integrity Blues”, they will be at Reading and Leeds Festival this summer.

K=King Blues

Members: Jonny “Itch” Fox, Jamie Jazz, Dean Ashton, Kat Marsh, Josie Dobson and Jack “Percuster” Usher.

Formed: London, United Kingdom in 2004

The band is a political band that perform a mix of Ska and Punk Rock music. In 2004 King Blues formed as a duo before bringing in the rest of the line up in 2005. There debut EP “All Fall Down” was released in 2005 followed by a full album in 2006 entitled “Under The Fog”. The band signed with Field Recordings who reissued there album a year later. The band managed to get a couple of minor hits with the support of Zane Lowe and Mike Davies from there album “Save The World, Get The Girl” in 2008. A cover by The King Blues of “Bonkers” by Dizzee Rascal and has become a favourite at live shows and also one of there most popular singles. A third LP was released in 2011 entitled “Punk And Poetry” through the label Transmission. In 2012 they headed to California with producer John Feldman for there third album. In April 2012 a statement was released by the band stating that they had decided to go there separate ways, “Long Live Struggle” was there parting gift to the music world or at least that was how it seemed. 3 years later the band reunited with what they called the “Desire to take down the tory government”. In 2017 they released there newest album “The Gospel Truth”

L= The Lemonheads 

Members: Ben Deily, Bill Stevenson, Dave Ryan, Evan Dando, Jesse Peretz, John P Strohm, Juliard Hatfield and Karl Alverez

Formed: Boston, United States in 1984

This band is an American Alternative/Punk Rock band that where formed in Boston but are now based in New York. The band where formed in 1986 as an underground band, but there popularity mainly grew in the 90’s. In 1992 they released there first album “It’s A Shame About Ray” and album produced by the Robb Brothers who at had worked on many other albums. The band are probably best known for there cover of “Mrs Robinson” which is now one of there most popular and well known singles. Since forming there have been many different members and versions of this band as people left and joined the only person staying with the band throughout its time being Evan Dando. In their prime the band where classed as one of the most important alternative rock groups. In 1997 the band went on a hiatus before reforming in 2005 and releasing the album “The Lemonheads” with a new lineup. There latest album is entitled “Varshons”.

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