July Playlist

As I have not posted a playlist for a while I felt that it was about time to post another one. So here are some of the songs that I have been listening to recently.

1. King For A Day – Green Day – Nimrod, 1997

This song was released in 1997 and Green Day are well known for playing this at most of their concerts however they normally will mix it with at least one song, which is usually “Shout” by Lulu they also sometimes include songs such as “Always Look On The Brightside Of Life”, “Teenage Kicks” and “Hey Jude”. After watching the band perform the song at Hyde Park I wanted to listen to it more and recently has become one of my most played songs. One thing about when the band play the song live is that fact that the audience always knows that it is going to be played as Billie will put a crown on.

2. Lose It –  SWMRS – Drive North, 2016

This song is my favourite song from the SWMRS album, I like how it starts slowly and then speeds up throughout the song, I also like how it gets more upbeat throughout. It is not one of the bands most popular songs but I find it very enjoyable to listen to and I think it is a song that people should listen to if they like the band.

3. If You Wanna – The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, 2011 

This song is the third song off of the band’s album and I remember listening to it when I was younger in the car and that is why I still enjoy it.  Even though the song was released as a single it did not chart very high in the UK even though it was used in several adverts. I like this song as I feel it is very lively and an enjoyable song to listen to at this time of year.

4. Bless This Acid House – Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud, 2017

I have been listening to this song a lot as it is a new release from Kasabian’s new album and therefore has been played a lot on the radio, I have been listening to a lot of Kasabian recently as I will be going to see them in August and am very excited. This is one of my favourite songs off of their new album.

5. Don’t Matter Now – George Ezra – 2017

This is George Ezra’s Most recently released single which means that a lot of people are assuming that he will soon be releasing a new album. This is the first single he has released since “Wanted On Voyage” came out in 2015. I find that I always seem to enjoy the happy feeling that George Ezra’s songs give off and I find them extremely enjoyable to listen to. George played this song at several UK festivals this year and it was received very well.

6. Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore – brand new eyes, 2009 

Brick By Boring Brick was the second single off of “brand new eyes”. I really have liked listening to Paramore recently and have found that I prefer a lot of their older albums to their newer ones, particularly “brand new eyes”, this song, in particular, is one that I have listened to a lot. The video for the song was nominated for a Kerrang Award for best video and also reached number 2 on the US Rock Chart.

7. Heart And Soul – Twin Atlantic – The Great Divide, 2014

I have only recently started listening to Twin Atlantic and out of all of the songs that I have listened to by them I have to say that I have enjoyed this one the most. I have found that recently I have been listening to a lot more lively music, I tend to do this in the summer as it is nicer to listen to this type of music when the sun is out. This song was an experimental song with lots of different layers that was released as the first single on “The Great Divide”.

8. Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines – The Libertines, 2004

This song was released over 10 years ago now but I still find it very enjoyable to listen to. The song was nominated for an NME Best Track Award and also managed to reach Number 2 in the UK singles chart, the song has been featured in man y compilation albums over the past years since it has been released. I have gone backwards and forwards from listening to this song for quite some time but when I do listen to it I thoroughly enjoy it.

9. Feeling This – blink-182 – blink-182, 2003 

In some ways, this song is different to other Blink songs as it has many parts that are spoken throughout instead of just music and singing. When I went to see Blink in Nottingham this is the first song that they played when they came on stage and for some reason, I realised that I had not heard it for a while which shocked me as it used to be one of my favourite blink songs. The song was first played by the band at Reading And Leeds Festival in 2003.

10. Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer – Sixpence None The Richer, 1997 

This is the original version of the song that was released on 1997 however in the past it has been covered by many bands, the first time I heard this song was not this version but instead was the version by New Found Glory, after listening to that I went and found the original version and found that I enjoyed that just as much. The song managed to reach number 4 in the UK singles chart.

Thanks for reading, Annie.

A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (M-O)

Continuing on from previous posts, here is part five of the A-Z of Punk and Pop Punk

M= Mayday Parade 

Mayday Parade

Members:  Jason Lancaster, Derek Sanders, Brooks Betts, Jake Bundrick, Jeremy Lenzo and Alex Garcia

Formed: Tallahassee, USA in 2005

Mayday Parade is a band that emerged of two popular local bands, this helped them to create a buzz around the band when they started to create music together. In 2005 the band started to play gigs including an appearance at Warped tour, after this being a successful opportunity for them they were signed by Fearless Records in 2006 and released their debut EP “Tales Told By Dead Friends”. After the release of this album 3 months later in the March of 2007. In 2009 the band signed with Atlantic Records and issued the first album without Lancaster entitled “Anywhere But Here”. In 2011 the band’s third LP peaked at number 12. In 2013 the band released the album “Monster In The Closet” and then a deluxe version a year later. The band’s latest album was released in 2015 and was called “Black Lines”.

N=New Found Glory

New Found Glory

Members: Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, Cyrus Bolooki, Chad Gilbert and Steve Klien

Formed: Coral Springs, USA in 1997

Not long after forming the band quickly gained a cult following enabling them to rise to the upper tier of Pop-Punk music with many similar bands that were around at the time. After releasing their first EP “It’s All About The Girls” they managed to sell out of all copies that were made at the time. The following year the band released a full album on Drive-Thru Records entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay” which was then reissued later that year when they signed with MCA. The band also released an EP entitled “From The Screen To Your Stereo” which involved the band covering many songs from different movies. Later that year the band toured with blink-182 and also performed at Warped Tour, to increase their exposure they also appeared in the film American Pie 2. In 2001 the band recorded a follow-up record which was later released in 2002, the album was entitled “Sticks And Stones” and the lead single “My Friends Over You” propelled the album, after the success of this album the band managed to grab a headlining spot at Warped Tour in 2002, the album asl managed to climb to gold certification. After touring for the sticks and stones album, the band re-entered the studio to create the album “Catalyst” which after its release in 2004 peaked at number 3 on the album charts. a year later a concert video of the tour for this album was released on DVD. In 2008 the band released a more mature album entitled “Coming Home” with the help from Thom Panunzio which was followed by a large worldwide tour. In 2007 the band released the second edition of “From Screen To Your Stereo”, after this the band worked with Mark Hoppus and Epitaph Records to produce “Not Without A Fight” In 2013 a live album was released of some of the bands songs, they also parted ways with Klien as he was accused of multiple crinal offences. In 2014 the band released “Ressurection” with what seems like a sense of purpose and then this was followed in 2015 by “Ressurection: Ascension” which had two new tracks and also “Vicious” a song which featured Paramore’s, Hayley Williams. In 2017 the band released their 9th album “Makes Me Sick” which was followed by a worldwide tour.

O= The Offspring


Members: Dexter Holland, Greg Kriesel, Noodles, Peter Parada, Ron Welty, Doug Thompson, James Lilja, Atom Willard, Chris Higgins and Marcus Parrish.

Formed: Orange County, USA in 1984

The band was formed in 1984 after being inspired by social distortion. In 1985 Noodles joins the band and they begin to practice in their parent’s house where they managed to land their first two gigs which were in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The band was originally called “Manic Subsidal” and in 1986 they produced and created their first vinyl single which they released on their own “Black Label” and glued the covers together by themselves inside Kriesel’s house. After thisRon Welty became the fourth member of the band. In 1989 the band sign to Nemesis with punk producer Thom Wilson and released their debut album where they sold over 3000 copies. In 1991 the band released a 7″ EP entitled “Baghdad” and recorded “Take It Like A Man” for a magazine compilation. In 1992the band signed with Epitaph Records for their second album “Ignition”, the band had a record release party and the album managed to sell 1 million copies worldwide. In 1993-94 the band toured the US and also Europe whilst supporting NOFX. In 1994 the band released “Smash” which featured “Come Out And Play” and “Self-Esteem” the album was a phenomenon and sold more than 11  million copies worldwide whilst also reaching number 4 on the charts. In 1995 Dexter and Greg create Nitro Records and reissue their debut album on CD, a cover of the band’s song “Smash It Up” is also featured on Batman Forever. The Offspring sign with Columbia Records and released “Ixnay On The Hombre” which sells more than 3 million copies worldwide and many singles hit the high parts of the rock charts. An MP3 file of “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” was released by the band before the album was released in 1998, however, the album was still downloaded 20 million times once it was released. The band toured around the world in 1999 this included stops at Woodstock and also Reading And Leed, the band also made a cameo in Idle Hands playing a cover of a song by the Ramones. In 2000 the band received a cease order from Napster after they were found selling t-shirts with the company logo on it. The band’s next album “Conspiracy Of One” was downloaded with the chance to win 1 million pounds presented to you by the band themselves. In 2002 they played the LA premiere of Tony Hawks Boom Boom Huck Jam and also another benefit concert, in September, they opened the Kerrang Awards in London where they were given the award for “Classic Songwriter”. In 2003 the band released demos for their new album and Ron Welty left, however, he was later to be replaced by Josh Freese, before the release of the album the band joked that their album would be called “Chinese Democracy” as this is what Axel Rose had been saying that their new album would be called for many years, it was later reviled that the album would be called “Splinter”. The band filmed with Da Hui which was featured as extra content on there next CD. In 2004 the band p[erformed at many different places and recorded a music video for “(Can’t Get My) Head Around You”, after the release of the album the band toured the world traveling 161,682 miles and to 22 countries. In 2005 they started to work on new songs including a greatest hit album and a music video collection, they also headlined the closing night of BuzzCon gaming festival. In 2006 the band took a year off from touring and casually started to record demos, however, did not start to record the album until 2007. In 2008 they release the first single from the album for download and it reaches the top 10 they then tour with the album including a large amount of festival stops. in 2009 the band release “Kirsty, Are You Okay” as the third single from the album “Rise And Fall”. In 2010 the band return to Huntington Beach to record new music they also tour with 311 and attend Summer Sonic Festival in Japan.

Thanks for reading, Annie.

Hyde Park, London- Green Day And Special Guests

On the 1st of July, I went to see Green Day in Hyde Park, this was a last-minute decision as we found out the day before that we had been lucky enough to get guest listed for the event. We left the at around 7:30 in the morning and travelled to London. Once arriving in London, we got a bus to Hyde park where we had to queue up to collect our tickets. After collecting our tickets, we went to queue up the entrance where we found that the queue was extremely long and thought that it would take forever to get through however once it started moving, even with all the security checks it did not take very long to get through. Once inside the venue/ area where the event was to take place we went to collect our wristbands that would let us into the guest area.

The first thing that we did was go and explore the festival area, inside we found lots of things including food stalls, fairground rides, things to try and there was also a special area for Barclaycard customers an area where you could go if you had a Barclaycard and inside was a play area with many things to do and take part in.

The music started around one and we went to watch Jesse Malin they were a lively band that had enjoyable and catchy music that everyone wanted to dance to. I found them very enjoyable and easy to watch and I feel that they were a good band to be on first on any stage not just a smaller stage in the background. Stiff Little Fingers started at around two and once Jesse Malin had finished this was who we went to watch, at this time many people were sitting down and watching bands instead of getting up and dancing, we went up to the railings originally to watch the band but I soon found that because I am quite small I could not see very well so we had to move back so that I could see better, as there was large screens all over the park this meant that I could see what was going on quite easily in most places.

SWMRS were the next band on the Barclaycard stage, I had seen this band before so I was very excited about seeing them as I had enjoyed watching them many times before. As I know lots of the bands songs I found them very enjoyable to watch as I could sing and dance along to their songs, at point during the bands set I was able to sit on people I knew shoulders so   that I could see over everyone and see the stage easily, one of the things that I enjoyed most about this set was the fact that as it was not the main stage you were never too far away from the front of the stage. I feel that this band perform well live meaning that I could thoroughly enjoy the show. During this bands set a lot of the audience were singing along to the songs making the show even more enjoyable.

The Hives were next to perform on the main stage, I had not heard music from this band before but I had heard a lot about them and I knew that a lot of people enjoyed their music. They were a lively and cheerful band, they had a theme of black and white, the backdrop to their show was a picture in black and white, they also wore black and white suits that were opposite to each other for example one half of the legs were white the other black and then the jacket was the opposite way around. I found The Hives show fun to watch and I felt like the band had a very large stage presence. After the Hives performance, we visited the guest area for the first time and had some dinner (The Best Macaroni Cheese I Have Ever Tasted), inside there was food stalls, a seating area and some bean bags. Whilst having dinner we did not realise that we had unfortunately missed Gogol Bordello but after sitting down for about an hour we were more than ready for Rancid and Green Day.

Rancid were on stage first as they were the band that have been supporting Green Day for the length of their current tour, the band play ska punk music but it is edging more towards the punk side than the ska side. Rancid have also recently released a new album so they played quite a few songs from that along with a lot of there more popular songs, there music was extremely enjoyable and got everyone very hyped up and ready for Green Day.

Once Rancid had finished it was getting towards the time that everyone had been waiting for, the area that people were standing in started to fill up rapidly and so therefore got very hot, about half an hour before Green Day came on the security guards were passing around water as it was very hot. Finally, it got to the point that everyone had been waiting for and “Bohemian Rhapsody” started to play, everyone sang along to all the words and we all knew that this meant that they would be coming on soon. Next up was “Blitzkrieg Bop” and running on came a person dressed up as pink bunny rabbit who got the crowd cheering and ready. Then the moment everyone had been waiting for, Green Day burst onto the stage with “Know Your Enemy” and everyone was singing along and jumping around at this point I decided that it would be a good idea to move back as I was very small so I was getting shoved around a lot and nearly fell over many times, once further back I decided that it was a better place to stand anyway as it meant that I could actually see the stage, towards the end of know your enemy Billie invited someone on stage to sing with him. This was then followed by two songs from the bands most recent album “Revolution Radio” and “Bang, Bang” this excited everyone in the crowd. Next up was “Holiday” at this point a very kind man who I still do not know the name of let me sit on his shoulders so that I could see easily and see over everyone’s head, he let me stay up there for quite a few songs and I am very thankful to him for this. The band then played more songs new and old before playing “Longview where they again invited a member of the crowd onstage to sing. There was a very lively atmosphere throughout the show, in around the middle of the show the band performed a cover of “Knowledge” by Operation Ivy and at this point they invited a member of the audience to play the guitar on stage with them, unfortunately the first person that they invited on stage was unable to perform the song, however she was allowed to play the tambourine with Tre at the back, the next person invited up was able to play the song and therefore at the end she was allowed to keep the guitar. Something that Green Day are known for doing is when they perform “King for A Day” they mix it with other songs on this day it seemed to be quite a few familiar songs, in fact they mixed it with 5 other songs these where “Shout”, “Always Look On The Brightside”, “Teenage Kicks”, “satisfaction” and “Hey Jude” all of these songs are quite popular so everyone k new the words. The band finished their main set with the song “Forever Now” however then went on to do two encores. The first encore they performed “American Idiot” and “Jesus OF Suburbia” which also included about a minute of Billie standing as if he was on a cross. The second encore was slowed down and acoustic and included an acoustic version of “21 Guns” which I extremely enjoyed. The band finished the show with “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” and then all members came back on stage to take one final bow and confetti was blown everywhere.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best concerts that I have been to in my life and I would go to something like this again.

Thanks for reading, Annie.

A Very Busy Weekend

The Shrives- Voodoo Lounge, Stamford

On Friday 16th of June I went to voodoo lounge in Stamford, this was a venue that I had never been to before, it was a small venue and the actual stage was underground in a quite confined space, I felt that this gave the venue more atmosphere and made it more exciting and interesting than it may have been at a different venue. The event has two support acts, The Exton’s and The Talk, the bands played lively and fun music to get the crowd in the mood for the gig. The Shrives came on around 10 o’clock and mainly played songs from there album “Back in The Morrow” but also played some others that were not on the album, the songs got everyone dancing and jumping around, this made the venue very hot but that didn’t mean that people didn’t have fun. During the show, there was a lot of audience participation and lots of the band coming into the crowd whilst playing the songs. At the end of the bands set they did a ska mashup of many different songs and then finally they did a cover of a Beatles song and finished the gig. The show was fun and very enjoyable to watch.

Royal Blood- Hippodrome, Kingston Upon Thames

On the Saturday, I went to an album release show of Royal Blood’s new album “How Did We Get So Dark?”, the band had no support as the gig was mainly about their album release so they were the only Royal Blood. The band played most of the songs on their new album, the songs were lively and even though most people did not know the songs they were the sort that you could recognise, enjoy and dance to. The songs on the album were catchy and you could tell that they were by Royal Blood because of the style. During the gig, they did play some of their old songs and these were the ones that got the most reaction from the audience and most people knew them word for word and sang along. The band were very talented and at points seemed as if they were putting in hardly any effort but still coming out with these amazing songs and sounds. As the event was an album release party everyone that went got a free copy of the CD included in their ticket price. During the show, there was lots of jumping around and crowd surfing even from band member Ben Thatcher who climbed on the crowd during one of the songs before swiftly returning to his drum kit.

Paramore- The Royal Albert Hall, London

Finally, on Monday 19th of June I went to watch Paramore at the Royal Albert Hall, the band are currently touring Europe in support of their new album “After Laughter” I was very excited to see this band as I extremely enjoy their music and wanted to see what they were like live. In the venue, our seats were very high up so I was worried that we may not be able to see however I quickly found out that this would not be the case and that I would be able to see fine. The support act was a band called Bleached this band were a grungy rock band who took their inspiration from bands like Nirvana you could tell this by the type of music that they were playing. The whole show seemed to be running half an hour late this was disappointing as people felt like they were being kept waiting and if it hadn’t have started when it did I think that people would have started to get annoyed. When Paramore finally came on they came on with a very lively tune from there new album, one that everybody knew so that they could sing along. The band performed lots of songs old and new and even though their old songs got more of a reaction the new songs still brought joy and fun to the audience. Whilst there I had a very fun and enjoyable evening with lots of singing along to songs and dancing the only disappointing part was the fact that they did not play “Ignorance” which is one of my favourite Paramore songs.

Pretty Babs – Graffiti Lights Review

Pretty Babs are a small rock band from villages around Nottinghamshire, it features Sam Jones as Vocalist and Guitarist, Liam Bainbridge as Bassist and Brad Drury as drummer. The band has recently launched there new album Graffiti Lights at a very successful launch event. I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the album with you.

Fade So Low- This song has a very catchy and familiar kind of start to it the sort that you would easily remember and be able to identify if you were to here it several times, the song also has a quite long intro to it which I think builds up the feel of the song. When the vocals for the song do come in they are very deep and scratchy and fit very well with the overall tone of the song. There is a point within the song where the words and being sung to the same beat as the song I like this as it makes it stand out to the rest of the song. Towards the end of the song the music gets louder and more exciting before slowly fading out at the end of the song.

I Wouldn’t Rule It Out- This song is paced very well with the lyrics, every word seems to be with a word of the song making it fit together really well. The song seems to go back and forth between a slow beat and a fast beat, this keeps you listening as you never know when it is going to change, the song the finally slows right down before fastening up again at the end of then song with the singer repeating the title of the song several times.

Down in the Alley- The song starts with the singer talking before even the music starts and then the music is played over the talking before the song starts fully. There is a part of the song where it starts to go faster and you expect this to be where the chorus is however the song then slows down again before getting faster another time and then the chorus happens this confuses you but also makes the song more interesting as it is not what you expect.  The song also has very catchy lyrics that are easy to pick up.

Buttons and Pennies- This tune is very lively and is almost a slightly different style to what the rest of the album has been so far in fact this song is almost what I would class as punk rock instead of just rock. the chorus is even more fast paced than the rest of the song this makes it extremely enjoyable to listen to , the song then slows down after the first chorus and becomes quite calming before changing back to how it was originally. The end of the song starts to fade before ending very abruptly.

Michaela- This song is an acoustic song with a slower and very steady beat, this is quite different to the rest of the songs on the album so far as it is a lot more calming and chilled out. Even though the song is slow and acoustic it is a very positive feeling song with positive lyrics and feels very uplifting. The ending to the song is gradual and uses a lot of repeating phrases.

Cold Lake Shore- The song starts with just the drums playing and is very upbeat and is a very lively song in general, the song has a build up to the chorus, making you expect it and get excited for it. The song has lots of parts that repeat themselves this makes it easily recognisable and stick in your head.There is a pause before the chorus that makes you want to hear it even more and look forward to it.

Up from the Floorboards- The song has a very fast paced beginning but as soon as the singing starts it slows down considerably so that it can be heard easily, the song has some very scratchy sounds from guitar to vocals. Once you get to the chorus the song returns to the speed that it was originally so is very fast paced and at times not always easy to understand what they are saying. The song gives off vibes that make you excited and enthusiastic.

Red Brick Town- This song reminds me very much of a rock song that you would hear on the radio, it is a lively song but is not to fast paced that you can’t understand what is going on. I find the chorus to this song interesting as it takes different speeds at different parts and is always changing so I find that very interesting to listen to. The song has a very abrupt ending that you do not expect.

Don’t Step on the Moor- The main part of this song is the strong vocals that can be heard throughout the song however there are many parts with guitar and drum solos, this song shocked me slightly as it had been going a while and i was pretty sure that it had finished however about 10 seconds later it continued and then finished which was not what I had expected.

The Storm- This song is also acoustic and is very slow and calming, this song also feels like it has a very deep meaning unlike some of the others, I also feel that this song is more about the words that are being said instead of the music that is being played in the background even though both are clearly important. I feel that the music fits with the theme of the song and the meaning and music gets stronger the further in you get to the song.

Album Art- The album art has a monochrome theme with slight bits of colour in places as if they are reflecting off a piece of glass or something similar, the cover also looks as it has been drawn instead of generated on a computer this gives the album a more personal feel but also fits with the theme and the title “Graffiti Lights”. I like the font as it is uneven and I like the way that there are no holes in the letters. The  back of the album is very similar to the front.

I very much enjoyed the album and feel that it had similar vibes to bands like Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams, the album has lots of guitar solos and many of the songs are very lively and enjoyable. If you would like to listen to the album and the band on spotify.

The Black Market, Market Warsop- Stars Bothering On Sunday

Yesterday (Sunday 11th Of June) I went to Market Warsop to watch a music event .   When we got to the venue it was small and decorated with CD covers and vinyl record covers. The event was performed acoustically by all the acts.

The first band on was the Star Wars Brothers however I did not manage to see them. 

The first act that I saw was The Hugo Steady band, they were a local band from the village that the venue was in, so they knew most of the people there and most of the audience already knew of their music. The band played mostly country/folk style music that they had written themselves for the band, the song that I enjoyed the most was called “When Dave Dies” and was about the bassist in the band, I liked this song as it was catchy and energetic so I found it extremely enjoyable, the band managed to give a really lively and exciting feel to the event.

The next act was Ellis Waring his music was also kinda folk like but also had a more rocky feel to it, I felt that at some points during his performance I could not understand what he was saying in the song as it was slightly to fast paced however the tune was enjoyable and so was everything else that I heard. Through his act Ellis had a running joke about the songs he had written and the fact that he did not know what they were called , he performed quite a few songs and had a very happy manner on stage making the audience that were watching him happy.

Next up was The Shrives this is a band that I have watched before this time however they were performing acoustic, something that I hadn’t experienced before, the band played all of the songs that they would normally play but with an acoustic twist, this act was slightly more calm and chilled out than the rest of the acts had been but I thoroughly enjoyed there performance. The band also did an acoustic cover of “Heart Of Glass” by Blondie this was also enjoyable and a good song for people to sing along to.

The event was fun and everyone seemed to have a good evening.

Thanks for reading, Annie

Waterfront, Norwich- Emma Blackery

On Friday the 2nd of June I went to Norwich to see Emma Blackery. Emma is a Youtuber that has been releasing music for quite some time and has recently released a new EP entitled “Magnetised”. When I got to the location of the event I went to what looked like the queue to get in however I later found out that this entrance was not the general admissions entrance and was for VIP’s only so at this point I had to move to the other queue, as I did this it started to pour it down with rain and finally when the doors opened everyone that was in the queue breathed a sigh of relief.

Emma had two support acts who were performing before her, the first one of these was The Valeras, this was a band of five musicians who played strong but yet quite dark and grungy music with deep vocals to add to the effect. The songs that the band played where not necessarily the sort that you would dance to but they where nice to listen to and would make you want to listen to them again.

The next band to play were called Rusty Clayton they were an American band whose songs had a very strong Pop-Punk vibe to them for most of the act however towards the end the lead singer played some slow romantic songs  even though they were sweet and heartfelt at some points they felt a bit long and as if they were dragging out, but after a brief interlude of slow songs they went back to the pop-punk style that they had started with and got everyone very hyped up for when Emma came out.

When Emma finally got on stage after what everyone seemed to feel like was forever, she started off with very energetic songs that filled the room with positivity and got everyone dancing. Throughout her whole act she seemed to make the audience feel how she was feeling when singing her songs and even if you did not know the songs you felt like you could sing along and join in. This gig was quite different to a lot that I have been to as because of the fact that Emma has been vlogging for so many years she brought some of that into her show and was able to interact with the audience really well. At one point in the show Emma brought up the Manchester attack and told everyone how brave they were for not letting it stop them coming out and enjoying live music. Towards the end of the show Emma introduced her band however this was not in the conventional way that you would introduce a band, instead she decided to give them all nicknames and by the end of the night she had the whole audience chanting out the nicknames of the people in the band. The show seemed to go a lot faster than any of us had wanted it to and even though no one wanted it to end the finale was amazingly energetic and almost seemed as if she was coming on for the first time as she performed with so much energy.

The show was a very different experience to the sort of gig that I would usually go to but I had a really good time and would definitely go to something like this again.

Thanks for reading, Annie

Witham Fields, North Hykeham – Mega May Music Day

On Saturday the 27th of May I attended Mega May Music Day in North Hykeham. The event was in aid of the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance and involved a lot of local music acts. Even though the event was in aid of Air Ambulance, you did not have to pay to get in, rather most stalls were taking donations and there were people walking around with buckets collecting money from people. Unlike some people I was not there all day but just for the evening.

Spot On were the first band to play, who started at around six o’clock, and like most of the bands that I saw this band were a covers band from the local area. The band played lots of popular songs and family favourites which meant that the crowd enjoyed listening to them as they knew most of the songs so could dance and sing along. The band had a lively and happy atmosphere about them which made everyone else happy as well so it seemed that most people enjoyed listening to them. The band also picked quite a lot of sing along songs which was a good choice for the audience as it made the whole experience more enjoyable. During the bands set the Air Ambulance had to take off to go see to an incident, and this helped to show people what they were raising money for and made the purpose of the event clearer.

Punch A Monkey were the second band and were also a covers band who played popular well known songs, but they also played some songs that were not as well known so the people that did know them really enjoyed listening to them. This meant that there was some music for everyone in this set. As the night went on the audience started to enjoy the music more and a lot more people were dancing and singing.

The next band was The Collective, this band was not a cover band and instead performed a lot of their own songs. The band performed a wide variation of music that meant that there was something for everyone to enjoy and listen to. The band performed a variation of songs that were all similar but also different from each other they also covered Killing In The Name by Rage, Against The Machine and Control by Chase and Status. The band gave off a lively atmosphere that had a lot of people jumping/dancing around and singing.

The final band that I saw was Public Gallery – Active. I did not get to see much of this band however what I did see I found fun and enjoyable.

Overall the event was enjoyable and exciting and hopefully raised a lot of money for East Midland’s Air Ambulance; a good cause.

Thanks for reading, Annie

A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (J-L)

Continuing on from previous posts,  here is part four of the A-Z of Punk and Pop Punk.

J= Jimmy Eat World 

Members: Mitch Porter, Tom Linton, Zach Lind, Rick Burch and Jim Adkins

Formed: Mesa, United States in 1994

Jimmy Eat World attracted a large audience by blending Alternative Rock and Power Pop. In 1999 the bands influence widened and they released the album “Clarity” (Which is now a landmark album in the emo genre) this album made them major figures in commercial rock. There next album was entitled “Chase The Light” did not have the same effect on the audience but it still managed to remain above other similar albums at the time.Jim and Zach met in high school and in years to come managed to be introduced to Tom and Mitch. The name of the band formed when the two brothers used to argue a lot and Jimmy used to win, later on one of the brothers drew a picture of the other brother after one of there fights with a caption printed beneath it saying “Jimmy Eat World”.The band had many influences from early Def Leppard to Velvet Underground, they outfitted themselves as a punk rock band and performed in a few small shows in Phoenix Valley. In 1994 and 1995 they released several EP’s on Wooden Blue Records a record label from a nearby town. As the audience was steadily growing the record label Capitol Records responded by signing Jimmy Eat World in 1995 when most of the members where only 19. There major debut was “Static Prevails” in 1996. 3 years later the band transformed into the emo outfit that they are known for with “Clarity”, this was Adkins first role as lead singer and songwriter, after this the manager that had originally signed the band with Capitol parted company with the record label. Suddenly Key radio stations started to air songs “Lucky Denver Mint” after it was featured in the film “Never Been Kissed” which starred Drew Barrymore. The fan base for the band started to grow but there relationship with the record label started to worsen and eventually the label shelved there third LP which caused them to leave the label. As they started to attract a wider audience they responded with a tour through Europe. Later that year they released some unreleased B-Sides under the label Big Wheel Recreation, from the profits of this they scraped together to record “Bleed America” which they later renamed “Jimmy Eat World” after 9/11, the singles from this album did well however the one that did the best was their second single “The Middle”, this song landed them the spot on the pop/pop-punk map, the song also had heavy exposure on MTV meaning that they started to attract a younger crowd. A year after the album was released it was still in the charts and eventually the album went platinum. In 2004 the band where signed to Interscope and released there 5th album “Futures” in the October and it debuted at number 6, an EP was then made featuring all the songs that had been rejected from the “Futures” album. There next album was produced by Butch Vig and entitled “Chase This Light” after the album was released the band embarked on a ten year anniversary tour. “Invented” was the first album that had been produced by the bands original producer for a long time. In 2013 they released the album “Damage” which was closely followed by the ten year anniversary of “Futures” tour. The most recent album that the band released was in late 2016 and was entitled “Integrity Blues”, they will be at Reading and Leeds Festival this summer.

K=King Blues

Members: Jonny “Itch” Fox, Jamie Jazz, Dean Ashton, Kat Marsh, Josie Dobson and Jack “Percuster” Usher.

Formed: London, United Kingdom in 2004

The band is a political band that perform a mix of Ska and Punk Rock music. In 2004 King Blues formed as a duo before bringing in the rest of the line up in 2005. There debut EP “All Fall Down” was released in 2005 followed by a full album in 2006 entitled “Under The Fog”. The band signed with Field Recordings who reissued there album a year later. The band managed to get a couple of minor hits with the support of Zane Lowe and Mike Davies from there album “Save The World, Get The Girl” in 2008. A cover by The King Blues of “Bonkers” by Dizzee Rascal and has become a favourite at live shows and also one of there most popular singles. A third LP was released in 2011 entitled “Punk And Poetry” through the label Transmission. In 2012 they headed to California with producer John Feldman for there third album. In April 2012 a statement was released by the band stating that they had decided to go there separate ways, “Long Live Struggle” was there parting gift to the music world or at least that was how it seemed. 3 years later the band reunited with what they called the “Desire to take down the tory government”. In 2017 they released there newest album “The Gospel Truth”

L= The Lemonheads 

Members: Ben Deily, Bill Stevenson, Dave Ryan, Evan Dando, Jesse Peretz, John P Strohm, Juliard Hatfield and Karl Alverez

Formed: Boston, United States in 1984

This band is an American Alternative/Punk Rock band that where formed in Boston but are now based in New York. The band where formed in 1986 as an underground band, but there popularity mainly grew in the 90’s. In 1992 they released there first album “It’s A Shame About Ray” and album produced by the Robb Brothers who at had worked on many other albums. The band are probably best known for there cover of “Mrs Robinson” which is now one of there most popular and well known singles. Since forming there have been many different members and versions of this band as people left and joined the only person staying with the band throughout its time being Evan Dando. In their prime the band where classed as one of the most important alternative rock groups. In 1997 the band went on a hiatus before reforming in 2005 and releasing the album “The Lemonheads” with a new lineup. There latest album is entitled “Varshons”.

Thanks for reading, Annie

The Black Dog, Grantham – The Voice Auditions

On Sunday the 21st of May I attended the local auditions of the voice at The Black Dog Pub in Grantham, the event has been organised by Tarn Oxley, Trevor Bunn and Ian Parker. The event started around 7 and local talent showed up in large volumes including acts that you may have heard of before and some that you may not have, all sorts of songs where performed from classics to songs written and performed by the acts.

Considering how small the venue was the event had a large turn out, this had its problems however as sometimes the noise from the other people in the venue got so loud that you where unable to hear the acts and it was also hard for the acts to concentrate on what they where singing. Fortunately though with the amount of people that attended meant that all of the acts had a lot of support and encouragement throughout the evening making it a nicer environment to perform in than if it had been an empty venue.

The singers all sang to there best ability and everybody that was involved seemed to enjoy the experience. The event helped people realise the talent that is in Grantham that might not have been noticed if events like these did not happen.

I found the night was extremely enjoyable even though it was very hot and busy throughout. Well done to everyone that took part.

Thanks for reading, Annie

Paramore: After Laughter Review

As you may or may not know Paramore have recently released a new album “After Laughter” along with this they have released tickets for a tour to go along with the album. This post is going to be my review and also my first impressions of the album I hope you enjoy.

Hard Times- This tune is extremely catchy and sticks in your head, I heard this song when it was released as a single before the album was released and from the moment I heard it, it has been stuck in my head. The song is slightly different to what you would normally expect from Paramore how ever it is a very good feel good song like most of there songs and was extremely enjoyable to listen to.I really enjoyed the bit where the song slows down as it catches your attention and makes you listen to the song more. There are robotic tones at the end of the song that sound different to the rest of the song but somehow also fit with the overall tone of the song. Overall I would give this song 7/10

Rose Coloured Boy- The shouting at the start of the song makes it recognisable as it is the same phrase repeated, of all of the songs on this album I feel that this is one that is most similar to songs that Paramore have released before and is similar to songs they have made before however is still significantly different. Through the song they have used the techno beat again this seems to be a common thing that is emerging throughout the album. Towards the end the song slows down as if it is going to end and then speeds up again with a chorus right before the end. Overall I would give this song 8/10

Told You So- This song is quite similar to a lot of the music that is in the charts at the moment, this isn’t necessarily what you would expect Paramore’s music to be like and you would not necessarily know that this song was by them if it was not for Hayley’s distinctive voice. There are parts in the song where the tone changes this catches the listeners attention as it sounds significantly different in some parts. At the end of the song lots of different song parts overlap making the ending sound different to the rest of the song. Overall I would give this song 5/10

Forgiveness- This song has a slower start than the other songs on the album so far however uses the same tones as the rest of the songs on the album. The song has a slower style of singing the song is almost love song style, after a while the song starts to get slightly more upbeat but still is steady, calm and a lot more chilled out compared to the start of the album. The ending of the song is different to the rest of the song.  Overall I would give this song 7/10

Fake Happy- The beginning of the song is acoustic which is different to the rest of the songs on the album has been as to begin with it sounds calm and quiet. The song does however get faster and begins to sound more like the rest of the album, in the background there is a twinkling noise that makes the song seem calm even when the song speeds up. The song then begins to sound slightly more pop like than you would expect however still has a different edge to it. In the middle of the song there is a slow piano piece that stands out compared to the tone of the rest of the song. Overall I would give this song 8/10

26- This is an acoustic song so is very calm and relaxed, there is an effect that has been used over the top of the guitar that makes the song even more calming than it already was. Even though the tone and style of the song seems quite sad it is also quite an uplifting song, this is done mainly by the lyrics as if you did not listen to them the song would probably sound quite sad. Overall I would give this song a 6/10.

Pool- This song has a very long intro, the song has some pretty sounds and some of the singing parts sound as if they have multiple singers singing different parts even though it is only one person. The chorus to this song is extremely catchy that sounds different and stands out compared to the rest of the song, the echoing idea that is used when there seem to be several voices at once is used throughout the song and gives parts of it more sound than there would be if you could only hear the main singer singing. Overall I would give this song 7/10

Grudges- The verses of this song are very upbeat however the song seems to always slow down after the chorus. The rest of the songs on this album are usually mainly based on the guitar however a lot of this song is made up by the drums and there beat instead, this makes it sound different to the rest of the songs on the album. In the middle of the song the style changes slightly for a short while. Towards the end the song does fade out slightly but it still has a quite abrupt ending and feels like it should go on for slightly longer. Overall I would give this song 8/10

Caught In The Middle- This song has a slightly more rock style to it than the rest of the songs on the album. The song gets faster throughout and then starts to slow towards the end. The guitar in this song sounds different to how it sounds on the rest of the album so that makes this song stand out as it almost sounds completely different. Overall I would give this song 9/10

Idle Worship- The words in this song are usually in short and snappy sentences and do not always fit with the beat of the song this makes the song and the words stand out as your brain notices that they do not completely fit together. Towards the end of the song they tune and the lyrics start to fit together and become more consistent. Overall I would give this song 7/10

No Friend- This song confused me slightly as was not what I was expecting at all, throughout the whole song a guitar is playing the same four notes at the same speed whilst there is some very quiet speaking by a male voice over the top, there is no singing in the song and it is completely the opposite to the rest of the album. Overall I would give this song 3/10

Tell Me How- This song is mainly played on a piano so is different to the electronic noise of most of the rest of the album, the song is slow and peaceful, the song does get slightly more upbeat but is still slow throughout. The song has several piano solo parts to break up the song and also right towards the end does start to feature a quiet guitar tune. Overall I would give this song 7/10

Overall I enjoyed listening to this album and will definitely be listening to it again over the next few weeks and months, it was not quite what I expected however I still thought it was good and it was nice to hear something slightly different, I would highly recommend listening to it.

April Playlist

Here are some of my favourite songs that I have been listening to over the past month.

1. Under The Cover Of Darkness- The Strokes – Angels, 2011

Type: Alternative/Indie

The Strokes formed in New York in 1998 and have released many albums since then. This song was released as the lead single to the bands 4th album in 2011, the song was not as successful as some of there other songs however managed to reach number 47 in the UK singles chart. The music video for the song references “Last Nite” one of the bands previous songs. I like this song as it is very cheerful and happy but also sticks in your head.

2. Palm Trees – SWMRS – Drive North,2016

 Type: Alternative/Rock

I started listening to this band as I knew that I was going to see them with All Time Low and wanted to know some of there songs, there was quite a few of there songs that I liked however this was by far one of my favourites. SWMRS formed in Oakland California in 2004 the band where signed by record label Fuled By Ramen in October 2016 the day before this song was released.

3. Grace Kelly – Mika – Life In Cartoon Motion,2007 

Type: Pop

I have liked this song for a long time and has been one of my favourites for about the same amount of time however recently I have been listening to it more as it is lively and happy like a lot of the songs that I have been listening to this month. This song was the lead single off Mika’s debut album and was nominated for a BRIT for Best British Single in 2007. The song managed to enter the chart at number 3 proving its popularity right from the start, the song eventually went platinum. This song is often also recognisable to people as is used in many films, television programmes and adverts.

4. Worried About Ray – The Hoosiers – The Trick To Life, 2007 

Type: Indie Rock/Pop

This song sounds a lot like “Goodbye Mr A” another song on the album by The Hoosiers however for some unknown reason I prefer this song to “Goodbye Mr A”. This song managed to peak at number 5 in the UK chart when it was released and was also nominated for the British Single Award at the BRITS. In the video for the song “Ray” is a monster that tries to catch the band and eventually is unsuccessful.

5. Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers – Hot Fuss, 2004 

Type: Rock/Indie

This song featured on The Killers debut album “Hot Fuss” and was also originally featured on the “Mr Brightside” EP along with the song “Mr Brightside. Smile like you mean it managed to work its way up to number 11 in the UK charts in the year it was released. I enjoy this song as it reminds me of listening to it in the car when I was younger. I have recently been listening to a lot more of The Killers as I am going to see them in July and am very excited.

6. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran – Divide, 2017

Type: Pop/Folk

This song is the third single from Ed Sheeran’s new album and has proved to be one of the most popular being at the top of the charts for several weeks in the past month or so. The song was wrote by Ed with an Irish band and ended up being one of the top streamed songs almost as soon as it was released. I enjoy this song as it is cheerful and catchy, it also feels bright and makes me think of summer so I have been really enjoying it over the past month.

7. Belle – Emma Watson – Beauty And The Beast, 2017

Type: Musical

Okay so this is slightly different to what I normally listen to however at the beginning of the month I went and saw Beauty And The Beast with my friend and I have been slightly obsessed with the album ever since however this has been my favourite song from the album. I have listened to both the old and the new version of this song and have to say I prefer this version and like the twist they have put on it.

8. Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, 1995

Type: Britpop/Indie

This song has been out for quite some time now however it is still quite famous and still enjoyed by many. It has always been a firm favourite at the bands live performances and managed to get to number one in the UK charts as well as ranking highly in other countries and eventually went platinum in the UK.

9. Crave – Waterparks – Cluster, 2016

Type: Rock

Throughout there career the group has released 3 EP’s and this song has been one of their most popular singles. I feel that this song is very catchy so therefore stays in your head and makes you want to listen to it more and this is why I listen to it a lot.

10. Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless – Light Me Up, 2010 

Type: Hard Rock

This song is one of the most popular singles from this album, the hype for the song started way before it was announced with a promotional video to promote the song meaning that people would want to know what the rest of the song was like so would watch again. This song has been featured in many movie soundtracks over the past few years and managed to reach number one in the UK rock charts.

I hope you enjoyed reading, thanks Annie