The Collective – Mixed Personalities CD 1 Review

On the 4th of August, The Collective released their latest album “Mixed Personalities”. In this post, I am going to review the first CD as there is a lot of songs so I would not be able to fit it all into one post.

1. Web Of Love- I am already familiar with this song as not too long ago I created the music video for it. I really like this song as it is lively and is the sort of tune that can stick in your head for days. I also like the fact the tune is a happy kind of tune. Some of my favourite parts of the song are the guitar parts in the middle of the verses as I feel they break up the song well.

2. Hooligan- I have heard the band perform this song live many times at their gigs however I feel that this version sounds quite different to when they perform it live. This version of the song sounds more like it is sung rather than spoke/ shouted like it is at gigs, this is a nice and interesting change to the song, also in this version, there are parts that are spoken that make it sound more interesting and different, some of these parts are quotes from famous politicians in interviews. I also like the way that the singing and the rap parts of the song mix together.

3. Disorder (Ft. Shane Cattermole)- I like this song as it is fast paced but also quite dramatic sounding in places. I feel that the beat of the song matches up well with the rap and what they are saying does a very good job of getting the point that they want to get across as well as being easy to understand. I feel that the guitar part of the song really grabs your attention before it starts and makes you want to listen.

4. Drag Me Down (Ft. Nuala)- This song has an acoustic sound to as well as being a slower sounding song. I like the way that the chorus music is different to the verse music so that it stands out more, the way the song is sung gives off a calming vibe even during the rap which surprises me as I did not expect the rap to fit in well with the style of the song. I also really enjoy the way that all members of the song join in for the last chorus it gives it an ending that feels fitting.

5. The Struggle- The main singer of this song is different to the other songs so far, this gives the song a different tone and makes it feel like the style has been changed and mixed up so it is enjoyable to listen to. The tune is lively and enjoyable to listen to I like the way that the verses are rapped and the chorus is sung. Towards the end of the song, the structure changes and it starts to sound slightly different.

6. Cold Outside (Live)-  This song is also a favourite for the band to perform live and that is why this version is a live version. I like the way that the music in this song is quite quiet but is also just loud enough to be able to hear the singing and the rapping. I also like the way each verse is taken by different people, it makes it sound interesting and you get to hear different peoples views.

7. Dreaming (Live)- This song is quite slow paced, this makes the lyrics easy to understand and listen to, the song is quite a positive song and gives off a quite positive message. The song was recorded live so this added to the song as the sound of the audience and the way the song sounded made you feel like you were there when they were recording it.

8. What Good (Live)- This song is acoustic and therefore there are not many instruments just a single guitar as well as only one singer. This song is quite different to the rest of the album so far, however, I like it a lot. This so is also very nice to listen and as the song is recorded live it sounds different to what it would sound like if it was recorded in a studio and I think that gives it a nice effect.

9. Appreciate- At the start of the song, there is no music this makes the words stand out even more than they would if there was music in the background. The lyrics to this song are very strong and they really show the point that they are trying to get across. The thing that I like most about this song is that when the music does start it starts off slowly and then gets louder and faster throughout.

10. Sax Man (Ft. Warren Ireland)- The music of the song is based on the sound of the saxophone, I also like the electronic noises that end up mixed with the saxophone noises. The tune of this song is lively and so is the rap to go along with it. The way the verses are sung at different speeds makes the song interesting to listen to as it keeps changing so you want to know what happens next.

11. Brainwashed (Ft. JDEE)- The start is slow with a piano tune, the words are spoken slowly and with meaning that fits with the title of the song. I like the way that the band introduce JDEE before his verse and how he has a solo verse to himself to show what he wants to say. The chorus of the song sounds almost trance like this also fits well with the title of the song as it is as if they are brainwashing you.

12. Mixed Personalities (Ft. Hayden Gigner)- The scratchy guitar noises at the start of the song attract the listener’s attention. The song has very lively singing even the parts of the song that are rapped sound slightly more like they are being sung, I also like the way the rap parts and the singing fit together as I feel that it has been done well. I also like the way that the verses and the chorus sound very similar as it means it links together well.

13. Louis- This song does not have any music to it instead is just spoken I feel that this flows well as the words rhyme so it seems rhythmical. I like the way that the words echo after they have been spoken adding an effect to the song. This song is the shortest on this CD that I have found so far.

14. International Lyrics- The tune for this song is quite uplifting, at the beginning of the song I did not realise that the lyrics were not in English but after I did realise I found that this was a very interesting part of the song and feel like it shows a strong message. The rapping in the second verse is in English and is saying how music has the same meaning no matter what country you are from.

15. Change (Extended)- The start of this song is mainly piano but then as the song goes on more and more instruments are added until all instruments are present. There is a lot of echoing in this song this adds to the effect of what the singer is saying and what he means by it, phrases are also repeated meaning that the words stick in your head even more.

16. Harmony (Ft. Jean Howe)- The drums at the start of this song sound almost tribal and the singing and rap sound also goes along with this. I like the way that over the chorus there are lots of different voices making it sound really nice to listen to. As there are lots of different parts that overlap and blend together and sound really good.

17. Streetlights (Ft. Bittermace)- This song is very slow paced and also has very calming music in the background, I feel like this also adds to the effect of the song as it stays the same throughout so there are no shock changes however the song does get louder further into the song making it sound slightly different. I like the way that in parts of the song there are string noises added to add to the song.

18. The Unknown- There is no music at the start of this song, however, noises are the main beat and sound of the song, the majority of the song is slow however there are parts of the song that gets faster this keeps you focused on the song and wanting to listen to it more.

Mixed Personalities 1

Even though some of this album is not the sort of music that I would normally listen to I enjoyed most of the songs on the album and will definitely listen to it again many times as the songs are very catchy. I highly recommend that you give it a listen. I will review CD 2 very soon.

Thanks for reading, Annie.



A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (M-O)

Continuing on from previous posts, here is part five of the A-Z of Punk and Pop Punk

M= Mayday Parade 

Mayday Parade

Members:  Jason Lancaster, Derek Sanders, Brooks Betts, Jake Bundrick, Jeremy Lenzo and Alex Garcia

Formed: Tallahassee, USA in 2005

Mayday Parade is a band that emerged of two popular local bands, this helped them to create a buzz around the band when they started to create music together. In 2005 the band started to play gigs including an appearance at Warped tour, after this being a successful opportunity for them they were signed by Fearless Records in 2006 and released their debut EP “Tales Told By Dead Friends”. After the release of this album 3 months later in the March of 2007. In 2009 the band signed with Atlantic Records and issued the first album without Lancaster entitled “Anywhere But Here”. In 2011 the band’s third LP peaked at number 12. In 2013 the band released the album “Monster In The Closet” and then a deluxe version a year later. The band’s latest album was released in 2015 and was called “Black Lines”.

N=New Found Glory

New Found Glory

Members: Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, Cyrus Bolooki, Chad Gilbert and Steve Klien

Formed: Coral Springs, USA in 1997

Not long after forming the band quickly gained a cult following enabling them to rise to the upper tier of Pop-Punk music with many similar bands that were around at the time. After releasing their first EP “It’s All About The Girls” they managed to sell out of all copies that were made at the time. The following year the band released a full album on Drive-Thru Records entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay” which was then reissued later that year when they signed with MCA. The band also released an EP entitled “From The Screen To Your Stereo” which involved the band covering many songs from different movies. Later that year the band toured with blink-182 and also performed at Warped Tour, to increase their exposure they also appeared in the film American Pie 2. In 2001 the band recorded a follow-up record which was later released in 2002, the album was entitled “Sticks And Stones” and the lead single “My Friends Over You” propelled the album, after the success of this album the band managed to grab a headlining spot at Warped Tour in 2002, the album asl managed to climb to gold certification. After touring for the sticks and stones album, the band re-entered the studio to create the album “Catalyst” which after its release in 2004 peaked at number 3 on the album charts. a year later a concert video of the tour for this album was released on DVD. In 2008 the band released a more mature album entitled “Coming Home” with the help from Thom Panunzio which was followed by a large worldwide tour. In 2007 the band released the second edition of “From Screen To Your Stereo”, after this the band worked with Mark Hoppus and Epitaph Records to produce “Not Without A Fight” In 2013 a live album was released of some of the bands songs, they also parted ways with Klien as he was accused of multiple crinal offences. In 2014 the band released “Ressurection” with what seems like a sense of purpose and then this was followed in 2015 by “Ressurection: Ascension” which had two new tracks and also “Vicious” a song which featured Paramore’s, Hayley Williams. In 2017 the band released their 9th album “Makes Me Sick” which was followed by a worldwide tour.

O= The Offspring


Members: Dexter Holland, Greg Kriesel, Noodles, Peter Parada, Ron Welty, Doug Thompson, James Lilja, Atom Willard, Chris Higgins and Marcus Parrish.

Formed: Orange County, USA in 1984

The band was formed in 1984 after being inspired by social distortion. In 1985 Noodles joins the band and they begin to practice in their parent’s house where they managed to land their first two gigs which were in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The band was originally called “Manic Subsidal” and in 1986 they produced and created their first vinyl single which they released on their own “Black Label” and glued the covers together by themselves inside Kriesel’s house. After thisRon Welty became the fourth member of the band. In 1989 the band sign to Nemesis with punk producer Thom Wilson and released their debut album where they sold over 3000 copies. In 1991 the band released a 7″ EP entitled “Baghdad” and recorded “Take It Like A Man” for a magazine compilation. In 1992the band signed with Epitaph Records for their second album “Ignition”, the band had a record release party and the album managed to sell 1 million copies worldwide. In 1993-94 the band toured the US and also Europe whilst supporting NOFX. In 1994 the band released “Smash” which featured “Come Out And Play” and “Self-Esteem” the album was a phenomenon and sold more than 11  million copies worldwide whilst also reaching number 4 on the charts. In 1995 Dexter and Greg create Nitro Records and reissue their debut album on CD, a cover of the band’s song “Smash It Up” is also featured on Batman Forever. The Offspring sign with Columbia Records and released “Ixnay On The Hombre” which sells more than 3 million copies worldwide and many singles hit the high parts of the rock charts. An MP3 file of “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” was released by the band before the album was released in 1998, however, the album was still downloaded 20 million times once it was released. The band toured around the world in 1999 this included stops at Woodstock and also Reading And Leed, the band also made a cameo in Idle Hands playing a cover of a song by the Ramones. In 2000 the band received a cease order from Napster after they were found selling t-shirts with the company logo on it. The band’s next album “Conspiracy Of One” was downloaded with the chance to win 1 million pounds presented to you by the band themselves. In 2002 they played the LA premiere of Tony Hawks Boom Boom Huck Jam and also another benefit concert, in September, they opened the Kerrang Awards in London where they were given the award for “Classic Songwriter”. In 2003 the band released demos for their new album and Ron Welty left, however, he was later to be replaced by Josh Freese, before the release of the album the band joked that their album would be called “Chinese Democracy” as this is what Axel Rose had been saying that their new album would be called for many years, it was later reviled that the album would be called “Splinter”. The band filmed with Da Hui which was featured as extra content on there next CD. In 2004 the band p[erformed at many different places and recorded a music video for “(Can’t Get My) Head Around You”, after the release of the album the band toured the world traveling 161,682 miles and to 22 countries. In 2005 they started to work on new songs including a greatest hit album and a music video collection, they also headlined the closing night of BuzzCon gaming festival. In 2006 the band took a year off from touring and casually started to record demos, however, did not start to record the album until 2007. In 2008 they release the first single from the album for download and it reaches the top 10 they then tour with the album including a large amount of festival stops. in 2009 the band release “Kirsty, Are You Okay” as the third single from the album “Rise And Fall”. In 2010 the band return to Huntington Beach to record new music they also tour with 311 and attend Summer Sonic Festival in Japan.

Thanks for reading, Annie.

Pretty Babs – Graffiti Lights Review

Pretty Babs are a small rock band from villages around Nottinghamshire, it features Sam Jones as Vocalist and Guitarist, Liam Bainbridge as Bassist and Brad Drury as drummer. The band has recently launched there new album Graffiti Lights at a very successful launch event. I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the album with you.

Fade So Low- This song has a very catchy and familiar kind of start to it the sort that you would easily remember and be able to identify if you were to here it several times, the song also has a quite long intro to it which I think builds up the feel of the song. When the vocals for the song do come in they are very deep and scratchy and fit very well with the overall tone of the song. There is a point within the song where the words and being sung to the same beat as the song I like this as it makes it stand out to the rest of the song. Towards the end of the song the music gets louder and more exciting before slowly fading out at the end of the song.

I Wouldn’t Rule It Out- This song is paced very well with the lyrics, every word seems to be with a word of the song making it fit together really well. The song seems to go back and forth between a slow beat and a fast beat, this keeps you listening as you never know when it is going to change, the song the finally slows right down before fastening up again at the end of then song with the singer repeating the title of the song several times.

Down in the Alley- The song starts with the singer talking before even the music starts and then the music is played over the talking before the song starts fully. There is a part of the song where it starts to go faster and you expect this to be where the chorus is however the song then slows down again before getting faster another time and then the chorus happens this confuses you but also makes the song more interesting as it is not what you expect.  The song also has very catchy lyrics that are easy to pick up.

Buttons and Pennies- This tune is very lively and is almost a slightly different style to what the rest of the album has been so far in fact this song is almost what I would class as punk rock instead of just rock. the chorus is even more fast paced than the rest of the song this makes it extremely enjoyable to listen to , the song then slows down after the first chorus and becomes quite calming before changing back to how it was originally. The end of the song starts to fade before ending very abruptly.

Michaela- This song is an acoustic song with a slower and very steady beat, this is quite different to the rest of the songs on the album so far as it is a lot more calming and chilled out. Even though the song is slow and acoustic it is a very positive feeling song with positive lyrics and feels very uplifting. The ending to the song is gradual and uses a lot of repeating phrases.

Cold Lake Shore- The song starts with just the drums playing and is very upbeat and is a very lively song in general, the song has a build up to the chorus, making you expect it and get excited for it. The song has lots of parts that repeat themselves this makes it easily recognisable and stick in your head.There is a pause before the chorus that makes you want to hear it even more and look forward to it.

Up from the Floorboards- The song has a very fast paced beginning but as soon as the singing starts it slows down considerably so that it can be heard easily, the song has some very scratchy sounds from guitar to vocals. Once you get to the chorus the song returns to the speed that it was originally so is very fast paced and at times not always easy to understand what they are saying. The song gives off vibes that make you excited and enthusiastic.

Red Brick Town- This song reminds me very much of a rock song that you would hear on the radio, it is a lively song but is not to fast paced that you can’t understand what is going on. I find the chorus to this song interesting as it takes different speeds at different parts and is always changing so I find that very interesting to listen to. The song has a very abrupt ending that you do not expect.

Don’t Step on the Moor- The main part of this song is the strong vocals that can be heard throughout the song however there are many parts with guitar and drum solos, this song shocked me slightly as it had been going a while and i was pretty sure that it had finished however about 10 seconds later it continued and then finished which was not what I had expected.

The Storm- This song is also acoustic and is very slow and calming, this song also feels like it has a very deep meaning unlike some of the others, I also feel that this song is more about the words that are being said instead of the music that is being played in the background even though both are clearly important. I feel that the music fits with the theme of the song and the meaning and music gets stronger the further in you get to the song.

Album Art- The album art has a monochrome theme with slight bits of colour in places as if they are reflecting off a piece of glass or something similar, the cover also looks as it has been drawn instead of generated on a computer this gives the album a more personal feel but also fits with the theme and the title “Graffiti Lights”. I like the font as it is uneven and I like the way that there are no holes in the letters. The  back of the album is very similar to the front.

I very much enjoyed the album and feel that it had similar vibes to bands like Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams, the album has lots of guitar solos and many of the songs are very lively and enjoyable. If you would like to listen to the album and the band on spotify.

Paramore: After Laughter Review

As you may or may not know Paramore have recently released a new album “After Laughter” along with this they have released tickets for a tour to go along with the album. This post is going to be my review and also my first impressions of the album I hope you enjoy.

Hard Times- This tune is extremely catchy and sticks in your head, I heard this song when it was released as a single before the album was released and from the moment I heard it, it has been stuck in my head. The song is slightly different to what you would normally expect from Paramore how ever it is a very good feel good song like most of there songs and was extremely enjoyable to listen to.I really enjoyed the bit where the song slows down as it catches your attention and makes you listen to the song more. There are robotic tones at the end of the song that sound different to the rest of the song but somehow also fit with the overall tone of the song. Overall I would give this song 7/10

Rose Coloured Boy- The shouting at the start of the song makes it recognisable as it is the same phrase repeated, of all of the songs on this album I feel that this is one that is most similar to songs that Paramore have released before and is similar to songs they have made before however is still significantly different. Through the song they have used the techno beat again this seems to be a common thing that is emerging throughout the album. Towards the end the song slows down as if it is going to end and then speeds up again with a chorus right before the end. Overall I would give this song 8/10

Told You So- This song is quite similar to a lot of the music that is in the charts at the moment, this isn’t necessarily what you would expect Paramore’s music to be like and you would not necessarily know that this song was by them if it was not for Hayley’s distinctive voice. There are parts in the song where the tone changes this catches the listeners attention as it sounds significantly different in some parts. At the end of the song lots of different song parts overlap making the ending sound different to the rest of the song. Overall I would give this song 5/10

Forgiveness- This song has a slower start than the other songs on the album so far however uses the same tones as the rest of the songs on the album. The song has a slower style of singing the song is almost love song style, after a while the song starts to get slightly more upbeat but still is steady, calm and a lot more chilled out compared to the start of the album. The ending of the song is different to the rest of the song.  Overall I would give this song 7/10

Fake Happy- The beginning of the song is acoustic which is different to the rest of the songs on the album has been as to begin with it sounds calm and quiet. The song does however get faster and begins to sound more like the rest of the album, in the background there is a twinkling noise that makes the song seem calm even when the song speeds up. The song then begins to sound slightly more pop like than you would expect however still has a different edge to it. In the middle of the song there is a slow piano piece that stands out compared to the tone of the rest of the song. Overall I would give this song 8/10

26- This is an acoustic song so is very calm and relaxed, there is an effect that has been used over the top of the guitar that makes the song even more calming than it already was. Even though the tone and style of the song seems quite sad it is also quite an uplifting song, this is done mainly by the lyrics as if you did not listen to them the song would probably sound quite sad. Overall I would give this song a 6/10.

Pool- This song has a very long intro, the song has some pretty sounds and some of the singing parts sound as if they have multiple singers singing different parts even though it is only one person. The chorus to this song is extremely catchy that sounds different and stands out compared to the rest of the song, the echoing idea that is used when there seem to be several voices at once is used throughout the song and gives parts of it more sound than there would be if you could only hear the main singer singing. Overall I would give this song 7/10

Grudges- The verses of this song are very upbeat however the song seems to always slow down after the chorus. The rest of the songs on this album are usually mainly based on the guitar however a lot of this song is made up by the drums and there beat instead, this makes it sound different to the rest of the songs on the album. In the middle of the song the style changes slightly for a short while. Towards the end the song does fade out slightly but it still has a quite abrupt ending and feels like it should go on for slightly longer. Overall I would give this song 8/10

Caught In The Middle- This song has a slightly more rock style to it than the rest of the songs on the album. The song gets faster throughout and then starts to slow towards the end. The guitar in this song sounds different to how it sounds on the rest of the album so that makes this song stand out as it almost sounds completely different. Overall I would give this song 9/10

Idle Worship- The words in this song are usually in short and snappy sentences and do not always fit with the beat of the song this makes the song and the words stand out as your brain notices that they do not completely fit together. Towards the end of the song they tune and the lyrics start to fit together and become more consistent. Overall I would give this song 7/10

No Friend- This song confused me slightly as was not what I was expecting at all, throughout the whole song a guitar is playing the same four notes at the same speed whilst there is some very quiet speaking by a male voice over the top, there is no singing in the song and it is completely the opposite to the rest of the album. Overall I would give this song 3/10

Tell Me How- This song is mainly played on a piano so is different to the electronic noise of most of the rest of the album, the song is slow and peaceful, the song does get slightly more upbeat but is still slow throughout. The song has several piano solo parts to break up the song and also right towards the end does start to feature a quiet guitar tune. Overall I would give this song 7/10

Overall I enjoyed listening to this album and will definitely be listening to it again over the next few weeks and months, it was not quite what I expected however I still thought it was good and it was nice to hear something slightly different, I would highly recommend listening to it.

A To Z Of Punk/Pop Punk (G-I)

Continuing on from my post the other day here is part three of the A-Z of Punk and Pop Punk.

G= Green Day 

Members: John Kiftmeyer, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, Al Sobrante and Billie Joe Armstrong

Formed: Berkeley, United States in 1988

Green Day are one of the main bands that recharged the energy of Pop Punk and made it as we know it today. The band however where not innovative but did bring the idea of 70’s punk to a new audience. The band opened doors for other people and genres for instance Neo-punk, Punk Metal and Ska. The band have operated for more than a decade and as other bands retired Green Day still remained front and centre of the punk scene. The band started when childhood friends Billie and Mike formed there first band when they where 14, in 1989 they added drummer Al and changed the bands name to Green Day they released there first EP “1000 Hours” in the same year and it was received well by the hardcore punk scene. After this they signed a record deal with a local label and there first full album “1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour” was released later that year, shortly after this the band replaced Al with current member Tre Cool. In the early 90’s the band cultivated a cult and this helped them gain popularity for there second album “Kerplunk” that was released in 1992, the success of this album interested major record labels and the band eventually signed with reprise records and released “Dookie” in 1994, the album sold over 10 million copies with its hit support singles “Longview” and “Basketcase” and spent five weeks at the top of the charts, the 4th single “When I Come Around” spent 7 weeks at number 1 in 1995, the album also won a Grammy for best alternative rock album. “Insomniac” was released in 1995 and had a number one with “J.A.R” 2 million copies of the album where sold however the singles where not popular. In 1996 the band had to cancel the European length of there tour as they where to exhausted. In 1997 they released the album “Nimrod” and the three years later “Warning” was released. In 2004 “American Idiot” was released, the album was a rock opera which had a surprise success that very few people expected the album was a chart topper and a multi-platinum Grammy Winner. In 2005 the band released “Bullet In The Bible” a live tour album of the American Idiot tour, after this the band did several small projects. In 2008 whilst presenting an award the band announced that they would be releasing a new album “21st Century Breakdown” which when released picked up where “American Idiot” left off and sold 215,000 copies in the first few days after release. In 2009 “American Idiot” was adapted into a musical to be performed on broadway. In 2012 the band released plans to release the three albums “!Uno!” “!Dos!” and “!Tres! over a three month period, just days before the release Billie Joe had a breakdown and was admitted to rehab for substance abuse. In 2015 the band where added to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The bands latest record “Revolution Radio” and the albums lead single “Bang, Bang” was released in October 2016.


Members: Jill Emery, Eric Erlandson, Courtney Love, Caroline Rue, Kristen Pfaff, Melisssa Auf Der Maur, Patty Schemel, Samantha Maloney,  Leslie Hardy, Errol Stewart, Shawn Dailey, Micko Larkin and Stu Fisher

Formed: LA, United States in 1989

When the band first formed the public image of Courtney Love overshadowed the whole idea of the band. The band was classed as one of the nosiest and most abrasive bands of the early 90’s, the band managed to smooth themselves out by 1994 however they still had an unpredictable edge. The band recruited  Eraldson ad he had played in bands with them before, they also drafted bassist and drummer Emery and Rue. The first album that the band released was produced by Kim Gordon. “Pretty On The Inside” was released in 1991 and had many positive reviews on release. In 1992 Love married Kurt Cobain and the couple where seen as the King and Queen of the rock world for a few months. After this Cobain and Love fought to keep custody to of there baby due to heroin abuse and love was accused of taking the drug whilst she was pregnant which at the time she denied however later admitted that she had been taking small amounts. Both bands started to release albums in 1993 and hole had to reassemble including new bassist Pfaff and Schemel after this the band released there first album “Live Through This” in 1994 which critics where calling the best album  of the year however 4 days before the album was released Kurt Cobain’s body was found and just two months after this Pfaff was found dead after overdosing on heroin a drug which Love was also rumoured to be using at the time. Two months later the band started touring again with Auf Der Maur taking Pfaff’s place. The single “Doll Parts” was released in 1994 and was in the top 60 by the beginning of 1995. The album was the bands commercial breakthrough and was certified platinum. After this the band took an extended hiatus at this point everyone was assuming that that the band had broken up as at this point love was focusing on acting. During the break the band released two rarities the 1995 EP “Ask For It” and 1997 “My Body The Hand Grenade”. The band then regrouped with long time friend Billy Crogan as music consultant, the band released a new album in 1998 however shortly after Schemel left and was replaced by Maloney as the band went on tour, after this Auf Der Maur left to join the band “The Smashing Pumpkins”. The album “Skin” was certified platinum not long after release however Love was still unhappy with how the album was handled and so filed a Law Suit against Universal Music to terminate her contract. In 2001 love wanted to create another band that included some of the members of the current band however this band dissolved before it even began, following this where other complications and in May 2002 Love announced the end of Hole.

I= Imagine Dragons

Members: Dan Reynolds, Daniel Wayne Sermon, Daniel Platzman, Ben Mckee and Andrew Beck

Formed: LA, United States in 2009

Imagine Dragons have not been around for the longest amount of time, however for the length of time that they have been around they have created albums that have attracted worldwide audiences. The songs and albums are extremely popular as they have emotionally charged songs that are also radio acceptable. Reynolds and Tolman met at university in 2009 and by the end of that year the band made themselves popular regionally and became quite successful. After this the band relocated to there hometown LA to record a pair of EP’s “Imagine Dragons” and ” Hell and Silence” at the battle born studios. The band released there third EP a year later, this helped them to land a record deal with Interscope records, just before this happened the Tolmans separated from the band. In 2012 the band manged to hit big with their “Continued Silence” EP and released there first album “Night Visions” which debuted at number 2 on the billboard top 200, the album also won multiple awards and managed to sell double platinum, this was mainly on the success of the song “Radioactive”. “Radioactive” was the biggest ever selling digital rock track in America. This album asl had two other hits “Demons” in the US and “On top of the world” in other countries in 2013. The band spent 2014 finishing there second album “Smoke and Mirrors” which was then released in February 2015 this album debuted at number 1 with the singles “I Bet My Life” and “Shots”

Thanks for reading, Annie

UK Festivals Guide 2017

Reading And Leeds

Date: 25/8/17 – 27/8/17

Location: Richfield Avenue and Bramham Park

Leeds Friday Line Up: 

Headliners – Muse, Haim, Blossoms, Giggs, Marshmello and Halsey.

Other Acts – Against The Current, Charlie XCX, Katy B, The Hunna, Fickle Friends, The Sherlocks and Many More…

Leeds Saturday Line Up: 

Headliners- Kasabian, Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, You Me At Six and Fat Boy Slim.

Other Acts- Angel, Circa Waves, Jimmy Eat World, Leathal Bizzel, Mallory Know, The Amazons and Many More…

Leeds Sunday Line Up:

Headliners- Eminem, Major Lazer, Korn, Flume, Andy C and Migos

Other Acts- At The Drive In, Eden, Everything Everything, Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes, Glass Animals, The Pretty Reckless and Many More…

All of these acts are also playing at Reading on other nights.

Ticket Prices: 

Weekend Camping- £213.00 Per Person

Instalment Weekend- £58.00 Per Month, Per Person

Day Tickets- £72.00 Per Person

Early Entry- £20.00 Per Person

For more information visit:


Download Festival

Date: 9/6/17 – 11/6/17

Location: Donington Park, Derby

Friday Line Up: 

System Of A Down, Sum 41, Prophets Of Rage, Good Charlotte, Five Finger Death Punch, Suicidal Tendencies, Motionless In White and Many More…

Saturday Line Up:

Biffy Clyro, Rob Zombie, A Day To Remember, AFI, Of Mice And Men, Simple Plan, Pierce The Veil, The Story So Far and Many More…

Sunday Line Up:

Aerosmith, Alterbridge, Steel Panther, Airbourne, Slayer, Clutch, Ministry, The Dead Dasies, Fozzy and Many More…

Ticket Prices: 

Five Nights Camping- £215.00 Per Person

Five Night Camping Instalment- £110.00 Per Month, Per Person

Three Nights Camping- £205.00 Per Person

Three Nights Camping Instalment- £105.00 Per Month, Per Person

Weekend No Camping- £180.00

Day Tickets- £83.00

For more information visit:

V Festival

Date: 19/8/17 – 20/8/17

Location: Weston Park and Hylands Park

Line Up Announced So Far: 

Annie Mac, Busted, Calum Scott, Clean Bandit, Dizzee Rascal, Ella Eyre, Ellie Goulding, George Ezra, Gorgon City, P!nk, James Artur, Jay Z, Jess Glynn, Madness, Scouting For Girls and Many More…

Ticket Prices:

Weekend Camping- £189.00 Per Person

Weekend Tickets- £165.00 Per Person

Day Tickets- £89.00 Per Person

For more information visit:


Date: 21/6/17 – 25/6/17

Location: Worthy Farm, Somerset

Line Up Announced So Far: 

Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, The XX, Biffy Clyro, Katy Perry, Royal Blood, Stormzy, Major Lazer, Haim, Lorde, Kaiser Chiefs and Many More…

Unfortunately this festival is sold out.

To Find Out More:

Isle Of Wight Festival

Date: 8/6/17 – 11/6/17

Location: Newport, Isle Of Wight

Friday Line Up:

David Guetta, Run DMC, Kaiser Chiefs, The Pretenders and More To Be Announced.

Saturday Line Up: 

Arcade Fire, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Example, The Kooks and More To Be Announced

Sunday Line Up: 

Rod Stewart, Bastille, George Ezra, Scouting For Girls and More To Be Announced

Ticket Prices: 

Weekend Camping- £195.00 Per Person

Friday Tickets- £60.00 Per Person

Other Day Tickets- £80.00 Per Person

Student Weekend- £175.00 Per Person

Teen Weekend- £145.00 Per Person

British Summer Time

Date: 30/6/16 – 9/7/17

Location: Hyde Park, London

Line Up: 

This takes place over several days and you are unable to purchase a ticket for all events however there are lots of acts that take part.

30th Of June 2017Phil Collins, Blondie and Many Others

Tickets: Starting Price is £112.29 Per Person

1st Of July 2017: Green Day, The Hives and Many Others

Tickets: Starting Price is £72.40 Per Person

2nd Of July 2017: Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix and Many Others

Tickets: Starting Price is £86.79 Per Person

6th Of July 2017: Kings Of Leon, Pixies and Many Others

Tickets: Starting Price is £69.66 Per Person

8th Of July 2017: Killers, Elbow and Many Others

Tickets: Tickets have sold out from the original selling site however are available on resale sites.

9th Of July 2017: Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers, The Lumineers and Many Others

Tickets: Starting Price is £79.09 Per Person

For more information visit:


Date: 10/6/17 – 11/6/17

Location: Manchester

Line Up Announced So Far: 

Frank Ocean, Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975, Fat Boy Slim, Stormzy, Boy Better Know and Many More…

Ticket Prices: 

General Weekend- £99.50 Per Person

VIP Weekend- £125.00 Per Person

Day Ticket General- £59.50 Per Person

Day Ticket VIP- £85.00

For more information visit:


Date: 13/7/17 – 16/7/17

Location: Southwold

Line Up Announced So Far: 

The 1975, Mumford And Sons, Fleet Foxes, Placebo, Temples and Many More…

Ticket Prices: 

Weekend Camping- £197.50 Per Person

Day Ticket- £77.50 Per Person

Family Weekend Ticket- £197.50

Accompanied Teenager- £132.50 Per Person

Child Ticket- £10.00 Per Child

For more information visit:

I hope you enjoyed reading, Annie