Leeds and OnBlackheath Festival

Over the summer I have been to quite a few music events including Green Day in Hyde Park and to see Blink-182. In the past, I have managed to go to a couple of festivals for a day these being Leeds Festival and OnBlackheath Festival, both of these events were very enjoyable and I had a great time.

Leeds Festival –

On Saturday the 26th of August I went to Leeds festival for the day, I was very excited about attending this event as I had known that I was going for most of the year and had been waiting for it for a while. When we got into the festival there were lots of things to do and the first thing that I decided to do was get glitter on my face as I wanted to do this at Hyde Park but never had the chance so I made it a priority to have it done this time. After having that done we walked around to work out where all the tents were and then went to see our first band.



LIFE was the first band that we decided to go and see, they are a band that was formed in Hull and they released their debut album”Popular Music” in May this year which is the same as the name of the albums lead single. The band produces lively music that is very enjoyable to listen to and had lots of people dancing along throughout the set this made the music even more enjoyable to listen to. The band made sure that they made a fun show as well as which I always find good when watching music. Towards the end of the bands set they brought on a rapper and performed a song that was very different to the rest of the music that they had performed.

Freak –FREAK

The next band that we saw was Freak, the members of this band are quite young and their music style is very similar to the previous band that we watched.                         For this band we got to stand at the front of the stage so we got a great view of everything that was going on. The band’s debut EP entitled “What Happened” was created entirely by the singer himself. Freak is relatively new to the Indie/Rock Scene however over recent months have been getting a lot of interest from radio stations around the country. Through the whole day, freak was one of the bands that I most enjoyed listening to.

Mallory Knox –

When watching this band I kind of knew what to expect as I saw them last year at Slam Dunk Festival, Mallory Knox are described as a rock band who are trying new things and from seeing their set at Leeds I can agree with this as even though their music had a rock edge to it, it did not remind me of the normal song that you would think of when you MKhear the word rock. I did not know many songs by this band, however, I felt that their songs were very catchy when you listened to them, their music was also very upbeat and therefore enjoyable to listen to especially at a festival.


Rat Boy is a band that I have only recently discovered and normally they would not be IMG_1503763315779the sort of music that I would listen to however I really enjoy the band’s music. For this band, we made sure that we were stood very near the front as we all liked them very much and wanted to make sure that we heard the whole set, at one point in this set I even sat on the shoulders of someone to make sure that I could see properly. The sort of music that this band makes, meant that everyone was dancing and singing along which made it even more enjoyable. After the band’s performance they did a meet and greet with the fans and this means that we got to meet them and have a postcard signed by them as well.

Jimmy Eat World –

jimmy-eat-worldSadly we only managed to watch half of this set as we spent quite a bit of time queuing and waiting to meet Rat Boy, however, the part that we did see was very good and fun to watch. Jimmy Eat World are a band that has been around for quite a long time and had a lot of hits along the way which you do not realise until you listen to them play live. The band played a lot of new and old songs however the old songs got the most reaction out of the crowd including singing and dancing, they were also very lively onstage meaning that people got even more excited.

Two Door Cinema Club –two door

Two Door Cinema Club is a bit more of a dance style with their music which was very good to get people excited. I was not very excited to see this as I felt that I did not know many of there songs however I soon found out that I actually knew more songs than I thought I did. Out of all of the sets that I had watched at this point, I found that this was the one that got most people watching and excited for the rest of the night.

Bastille –

I found it quite sad that out of all of the bands that I watched Bastille was the one that I enjoyed the least mainly because their music is not very lively when you listen to it. Even though thisbastille band was not my thing I thought that there set was good and that the members of the band were very talented especially when put together. One thing that I thought was good about the set was the fact that they played a lot of their more popular songs so therefore even if you didn’t know the band very well you could enjoy what they were playing.

Kasabian –

Kasabian were headlining Leeds festival on Saturday night so mainly this was the band that we went to see and therefore I was very excited to see them. They started off their show with a heartbeat and flashing lights before bursting into the song “Ray III”. During their set, the band played a lot of their old songs (Fan Favourites) as wellKasabian as the new ones. I really enjoyed watching this set as I have listened to Kasabian since I was quite young so I know most of the songs meaning that I was able to enjoy them all as they performed them. At the beginning of L.S.F they played a cover of “All Apologies” by Nirvana which no one was really expecting it but still enjoyed it as a lot of people knew the song the only part of this that disappointed me was the fact that they only played a part of the song not the whole of it. The band brought a lot of life to their show and managed to get almost the whole crowd singing along with them. They finished the set with “Fire” a song that almost everyone watching the show would have known. The show was great to watch especially considering that at the beginning of the week the main singer was ill and no one really knew if he would actually be able to play the show.

OnBlackheath Festival –

Not long after Leeds Festival on Sunday the 10th Of September, I went to OnBlackheath Festival in London. To begin with, this adventure did not start off well as when we got to London we did not know how to get to where we were going as the bus did not stop where it was meant to. After a lot of travelling, finding where we needed to go and checking into the hotel we arrived at the festival.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals –

flcThese were the first band that was on when we got there and we did not really know much of their music, however, we soon found that it was very much hip-hop style music. The band are originally from America but now live within the UK. After listening to a few of there songs we felt that the music was not our sort of thing as it was slightly more chilled out than what we would normally listen to, this meant that we did not watch the whole set and decided instead to look around the sight to see what else was going on.

KT Tunstall –

This was the first full set that we watched at the festival. The music that the band played ktwas slightly more pop-like than we expected it to be however it was still the sort of music that was enjoyable to listen to no matter what type of music you liked. During the set, I realised that I knew a few more of the songs that I thought I would which made the set more enjoyable. At the end of the set, the band played “Suddenly I See” one of the bands most popular songs and everyone really seemed to enjoy it as it was lively and upbeat but also easy to listen to.

Jake Bugg –

Jake Bugg was next up to play a set and just before his set we were lucky enough to meet him, we were very excited about watching his set and he seemed excited about performing. After meeting him we snapchat-1323021922.jpgwent back out in front of the main stage to watch the set. Jake Bugg’s set was one of the most popular sets of the event as a lot of people knew his songs and he was fun to watch on stage. We did not manage to see all of Jake Bugg’s set as we went to see VANT as well who were playing at the same time however there set finished just before Jake Bugg’s did so we managed to see him perform his final song “Lighting Bolt”.


These were the band that I was really excited to see as we had planned to see them vantbefore but hadn’t managed to make it whereas this time we had. I was very excited to see them perform live as their music and music videos are very upbeat and I hoped they were the same when performing. Sadly we did not get to see very much of VANT’s set as Jake Bugg was on at the same time however the few songs that we did see did not disappoint. These are a band that I would definitely see again if I had the chance.

The Libertines –

libertinesSeasick Steve also performed before the libertines however we did not see much of that set as we were getting food. The Libertines were headlining the OnBlackheath festival and I was originally very excited to watch them, however, when they performed I was slightly disappointed as they did not seem to have much interaction with the crowd and didn’t seem to make much of a show of it. Although this was not the best the band still performed a good set and everyone was dancing around especially when they played some of their more famous songs like “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun” and “Can’t Stand Me Now”

I have really enjoyed going to these events over the summer and I would definitely recommend them to other people next year.

Thanks for reading, Annie





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