Witham Fields, North Hykeham – Mega May Music Day

On Saturday the 27th of May I attended Mega May Music Day in North Hykeham. The event was in aid of the Lincolnshire Air Ambulance and involved a lot of local music acts. Even though the event was in aid of Air Ambulance, you did not have to pay to get in, rather most stalls were taking donations and there were people walking around with buckets collecting money from people. Unlike some people I was not there all day but just for the evening.

Spot On were the first band to play, who started at around six o’clock, and like most of the bands that I saw this band were a covers band from the local area. The band played lots of popular songs and family favourites which meant that the crowd enjoyed listening to them as they knew most of the songs so could dance and sing along. The band had a lively and happy atmosphere about them which made everyone else happy as well so it seemed that most people enjoyed listening to them. The band also picked quite a lot of sing along songs which was a good choice for the audience as it made the whole experience more enjoyable. During the bands set the Air Ambulance had to take off to go see to an incident, and this helped to show people what they were raising money for and made the purpose of the event clearer.

Punch A Monkey were the second band and were also a covers band who played popular well known songs, but they also played some songs that were not as well known so the people that did know them really enjoyed listening to them. This meant that there was some music for everyone in this set. As the night went on the audience started to enjoy the music more and a lot more people were dancing and singing.

The next band was The Collective, this band was not a cover band and instead performed a lot of their own songs. The band performed a wide variation of music that meant that there was something for everyone to enjoy and listen to. The band performed a variation of songs that were all similar but also different from each other they also covered Killing In The Name by Rage, Against The Machine and Control by Chase and Status. The band gave off a lively atmosphere that had a lot of people jumping/dancing around and singing.

The final band that I saw was Public Gallery – Active. I did not get to see much of this band however what I did see I found fun and enjoyable.

Overall the event was enjoyable and exciting and hopefully raised a lot of money for East Midland’s Air Ambulance; a good cause.

Thanks for reading, Annie


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