The Black Dog, Grantham – The Voice Auditions

On Sunday the 21st of May I attended the local auditions of the voice at The Black Dog Pub in Grantham, the event has been organised by Tarn Oxley, Trevor Bunn and Ian Parker. The event started around 7 and local talent showed up in large volumes including acts that you may have heard of before and some that you may not have, all sorts of songs where performed from classics to songs written and performed by the acts.

Considering how small the venue was the event had a large turn out, this had its problems however as sometimes the noise from the other people in the venue got so loud that you where unable to hear the acts and it was also hard for the acts to concentrate on what they where singing. Fortunately though with the amount of people that attended meant that all of the acts had a lot of support and encouragement throughout the evening making it a nicer environment to perform in than if it had been an empty venue.

The singers all sang to there best ability and everybody that was involved seemed to enjoy the experience. The event helped people realise the talent that is in Grantham that might not have been noticed if events like these did not happen.

I found the night was extremely enjoyable even though it was very hot and busy throughout. Well done to everyone that took part.

Thanks for reading, Annie


2 thoughts on “The Black Dog, Grantham – The Voice Auditions

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  1. Hi Annie,
    Im a reporter at the Grantham Journal. Im hoping to write an article about the auditions for an article in the Grantham Journal. Ive contacted Tarn for some photos but i also came across your blog. Would you be able to contact me on the 01476 541431? Thank you
    Tracey Davies


  2. Hi Annie Tarn here, I’ve had the Journal on to me asking for any Photos that may be around.. Any chance you could send these photos into the Journal? The article is going to be in there Journal, probably next week but with your assistance could be this week. send to Tracey Davies at:-
    Thanks in advance


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