O2 Academy Sheffield- All Time Low, SWMRS And Waterparks

On Friday the 24th Of March I went and saw All Time Low at the O2 Academy Sheffield. To be completely honest the day of the concert started off as a disaster, me and my boyfriend where travelling to the gig on the train, it was all going very well and we where very excited until the announcer on the train said that the train would no longer be stopping and Sheffield as it was delayed, so we would have to get off at the next stop. At this point we were worried we would not make the concert. Luckily the next train to Sheffield got us in just in time. When we got to the venue there was a queue for at least two corners away from the venue.

It took such a long time to get into the venue that we missed almost the whole of the Waterparks set and we where quite disappointed by this as we where really looking forward to seeing them. Next up was SWMRS I was extremely excited to see them and they did not disappoint, I had listened to some of the SWMRS songs before so I knew some of the songs that they played. I found that the band liked to involve the audience a lot in there lively and energetic songs, the band also played a lot of there most popular songs this was good as most of the people knew the songs so they could join in and this would not have been possible if they had played there less popular songs. I feel like the atmosphere as good during there set however I feel that it could have been better if everyone had been in the venue at the time however people that where at the back of the queue where still coming in at this point, however this didn’t seem to stop the band from enjoying themselves and overall I feel that this is what makes the audience enjoy themselves, after they had finished there set there songs where stuck in my head for quite some time.

Next up was All Time Low, after an hours wait in between the bands it was time. The band played a lot of there songs old and new, popular and unpopular, this was good as people who didn’t necessarily know the band very well could still have a good time but everyone also got to hear there favourite songs. The show had an amazing atmosphere and at points there was huge beach balls bouncing around the venue and confetti at the end, there was also a lot of crowd participation including them asking people to get on each others shoulders for some of the songs and a lot of them encouraging the crowd to sing. To be honest the thing that stood out most about the gig was the fun aspect as not many concerts do this sort of thing. The venue was quite small so you felt that the gig was more personal and you mostly had a decent view, well at least I did until I had a really tall person stand in front of me but I guess you can’t help that really as I am really small and can’t see over a lot of people anyway.

I would definitely go and see All Time Low again and SWMRS again as I had a brilliant time, I do think that I would have enjoyed it even more if I had been able to see Waterparks and I would also probably like to see all of the bands again whether together or separate.

Here are some picture I took at the gig.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I will be back soon, Annie.


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